Week 1: A for Abundance

Abundance is a great perspective to have in starting out any new year as well as every day we are blessed to live. I wanted to bring up something that is so important and will be looked at throughout this year. If you have a challenging time recognizing the ways you have abundance in your life, that will no longer exist in comparison after this year. If you are someone that offers gratitude on a regular basis for the ways you see abundance in your life, then you will like how we are starting off the first week of this year!

For me, abundance is something that needs to be appreciated each day. Not just on Thanksgiving or Christmas… but always. I often go about my day giving thanks for things as I recognize their presence in my life. For example, waking up to a usually cheery 3 year old is the first thing I find as a blessing each day. I could choose the perspective of being a tired, run down mom about to go through the hoops of yet another day OR… I can smile with appreciation while kissing her sweet, soft cheek and offering her well wishes for her day.  Next, I could grumble about having to get out the door by 7:30 with a toddler and pre-teen (which is stressful some mornings for sure) OR… I could be happy to start my day with two of the most important people in my life and try to start their day off great as well.

This can go on and on throughout the day. I try to look at this daily journey called life and how each moment offers me a chance to just live and live with appreciation. Through appreciation, we are able to awaken more to the ever growing abundance in our life. The more that we recognize to appreciate, the more we recognize we have in our life!!

Abundance comes in many forms. It is not just in monetary value or material possessions. If those are the areas that one feels they need to have in order to have abundance in life, then they are denying the very meaning of abundance in their life. It is impossible to have abundance and limited thinking at the same time. Abundance is abundance. It is vast and expansive. There are no boundaries. There are no limits to what is within each of our ideas of abundance.

As I went through my week, I noticed the countless things that I have abundantly present in my life. I see the basics of having as many warm blankets and clean sheets that I could ask for. I see a washer & dryer in my home that I can provide clean clothes, towels and more for myself and my family. I see drawers and closets full of clothes allowing us the opportunity to keep warm during the winter. And so on. Beyond some of the basics, I gave acknowledgment and gratitude for some of the things that can be taken for granted or some may not be lucky to have in their life. For me, I recognize this as a form of abundance. An example would be the connection I am blessed to have with my family as a whole and each of the individual connections as well.

With Eva, we have been through so much. We are best friends in many ways as I am so open and honest with her, yet I am sure to guide her as a mom should. I recognize the love that she has for me and the pride that I have in her being my daughter. She is the a mini me in the way she looks and in some of her behaviors. I keep trying to lead by example and guide by lessons I learn as they unfold in my life. Watching her develop into her own uniqueness is a gift I witness each day. I am so thankful she come me to be her mom! I keep seeing so much abundance within our relationship and I intend to instill that into how she looks at her own relationships throughout life.

As for Sophia, she offered me a change in my life that although hard, she showed me what I was made of. The abundant lessons that continue to unfold never leave me anything but surprised and in wonder. Mostly, she offers me peace and how to trust in divine order. That alone offers so much abundance in my life. There really are no words for these experiences as much as I try to share them.

Now with Lily, she is my heart healer. When she came to me, she made so much of the pain from losing Sophia melt away. Of course nothing or no one could replace Sophia and her presence in my life, however Lily gave me back a little being to take care of and now she has surpassed the age that Sophia passed… so I am soaking in all the things that I missed with Sophia as I watch Lily grow. Her sense of humor and sweetness are the best gifts to me.

Zak offers an entirely different forms of abundance in my life. He, also like Lily, was a heart healer to me. Somehow after a failed marriage and losing my youngest at the time, I was able to accept his love because it was so familiar from the past. Through all of our tough times and not seeing eye to eye, I know he has my back. He is considerate in asking if I need anything when he gets up and I know he thinks of me many times throughout his day with a text, flowers, a thoughtful gift or just showing me affection. After 6 years now, I can still say I am with my best friend. The best part also, is I am with my soulmate. Someone who I am still very passionate about over the years. I have never felt such a connection with another man in my life. We talk about nearly everything and are honest with each other, painfully so at times. We have a deep level of intimacy in many ways that I recognize people long for. I longed for it. And as part of the abundance I have in my life, so many elements of my relationship with Zak as well as Zak himself, I can add that to the ongoing list as well.

Aside from things inside my home, I offer thanks for the examples of abundance I see in nature. To me, that is a perfect continual example from God. As I see the leaves fall and the earth start to harden during winter, I know with full faith that the leaves will grow again. And not just a few leaves, but more leaves than we could ever count. Not just here, but all throughout the world! The seasons will shift once again as they continue to do and we once again will be in a different season of abundance.

For me, abundance is everywhere and in all things. I am never without in my life and I know that the same goes for everyone if choose it to be so. So after my first week of reflecting on abundance, I know that this year will be beyond plentiful… as it always has been… as it always will be.

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