Week 2: B for Breath of Life

There are many words that come to mind with the letter “B”. Believe, blessings, beautiful, bounty and more all come to mind. However, something else seemed a little more impactful and personal to me. The concept of “breath of life”. When I started chiropractic school, the beginning to my spiritual awakening, a good friend and fellow chiropractor referred me to a daily devotional book called, “A Deep Breath of Life”. Each day it shared an idea, a message to ponder and ways to find connections to God and ourselves. For this first year of school, this book offered a spiritual start to my day. It was a great new habit to start my day with meaning and purpose but mostly the acknowledgment of having meaning and purpose in my life. I had always awoke each day without thought of my day or connection to God despite starting every morning prior to college in a Catholic school. So this was very new for me and I feel the title of the book was a great hint of the beginning of something wonderful in my life.

This time of my life served as almost a baptism for me. It was a very deep cleansing as the recognized start in a long journey of guided enlightenments in various forms. I was beginning to see how my life had transformed from a darker place towards light that I never knew existed for me. Each day, my breath was that of a newer person taking shape. I knew a transformation was occurring, but not to the degree that I do now. I often think while we are in the middle of a hardship, transformation or even life blessing… we may not be able to recognize it for the true impact that it is imprinting in our lives. It could be a beautiful disaster, a blissful unexpected moment or moving through milestones in life, yet they all can have deeper meaning to us when we look at it from a distance versus being in that moment.

Physically speaking as well… when we are stressed, we breathe to reconnect. When we exercise, we breathe to re-oxygenate. When we sleep, we breathe to regenerate. When we have a lack of oxygen to the body, we will have dysfunction. When we have a lack of oxygen to the brain, we have other symptoms like headaches, memory loss, dementia, and obviously the most severe is a stroke. Our breath supports our temple. It gives us motion and creates wavelengths that resonate throughout our body. There are so many physical and even quantum physical ways to observe breath. It is so simple yet so intricate. When this breath is off, along with other elements of our bodies, we express symptoms. Some call it getting sick. We call it expressing health because we live a chiropractic lifestyle.

This new year my family has expressed health in various challenging ways. Through it all, we connected to and trusted what we know always works best. The power that made the body, heals the body. It is simply that more of that power needs to be tapped into in order to regain complete health. Chiropractic is first to clear any interference in the nervous system since it is the master control down to every single cell of the body. If an adjustment is made in the upper neck, then the vagus nerve will most likely be effected therefore effecting the heart and lungs for breathing and blood flow to the rest of the body. It also offers a deeper breath of life helping oxygen flow better to each cell. That is only a fraction of the millions of things that start reorganizing after a subluxation is released in this area of the body.

After chiropractic, we choose food to be thy medicine. Food that is rich in energy and has a high vibration. Consuming veggies and some fruits with some bone stocks for added warmth and nutrients really helped to boost the immune system. While cleaning up our eating a bit more, healthier breath returns to our bodies even faster than had we done nothing in this area. Essential oils, naturopathic and homeopathic remedies are used when needed as well. By using this regimen… my family has been able to honor their temples and stay medication free. For my children, they remain medication free since creation. This year, we already got through a few pretty tough coughs, appendicitis without needing surgery and mild flu like symptoms. So far, I have been staying strong compared to the rest of the family. I attribute that to my constant awareness of the breath of life and gratitude for such.

For all of us, we can choose to see the many ways the breath of life supports us. The very essence of our core existence relies on this breath. This breath is what keeps us connected to this earth and in physical form. Without this breath, we are back to our spiritual existence only as our bodies cannot remain as our temple without this breath. Breathing is vital. It is what started our life on earth as well as what will end it. It is easy to forget this and take it all for granted. It is important to recognize this not only daily, but we have the chance with each breath that we take.

Look back on the past week in the various ways that the breath of life supported you. I bet you will find a list that will surprise you as well as leaving you feeling thankful. I hope this next week finds each breath bringing more blessings and abundance beyond belief!

In love and light always…

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