Week 5: E for Empowerment

Empowerment is something that I feel isn’t thought of too often in the basic day to day of life. However, considering I am lucky to play in a whole different world each day. Through chiropractic school, I learned about the laws of attraction, quantum physics, the power of meditation/prayer, whole mind body healing and much more. My learning was unique compared to that of other chiropractors because of what was happening at my school at that time. We had lost our accreditation due to not wanting to conform to prescribing medicine and also ditching the very thing that chiropractic was founded on… subluxation (what we adjust in the spine to free up nerve interference). So I went to school with the best teachers that loved chiropractic and stayed because they too held a bigger vision. I went to school with the best students that were ready for anything like I was. We created a family that supported, guided and taught each other. We were all EMPOWERED!

That is what I got from Life University aside from learning the principles and purpose of chiropractic… I learned about LIFE! Not just any life, but one that you can create. One that you can manifest. One that you can LOVE! I learned that in many ways we are in control of our own destinies with our thoughts, not only our actions. I started catching myself in negative thoughts or past programming. I starting seeing old patterns in my life that was not providing the end results that I kept wanting. I kept noticing old agreements of belief that I had made, but was no longer what I believed in or made sense at this new time. Eventually, as time went on and I practiced this new way… life started to drastically shift. Relationships and people that were not serving as positive light in my life were no longer in it. Problems that I used to attract to myself were no longer obstacles I had to overcome. They just weren’t there anymore. A whole new way of life was emerging. A life of empowerment versus mere existence.

As I been on this new, more aware journey of life… I have learned how empowerment creates results. It is amazing what can be achieved with a “fire under our ass” per se. Empowerment does just that. It lights a fire under my ass. I am the kind of person that if I am not inspired or excited to do something, I have a hard time doing it or a great time procrastinating. However when I am empowered to do something, there can be no stopping me. I have a made up mind. A vision of a mission of achievement. I see the end result in how it will help others. That inspires me further.

Empowerment offers me inspiration and anything done while inspired is a work of art in itself. The things I am most proud of in my life have been done with a sense of empowerment. Also discipline and commitment, but empowerment is what made it all so worth it. It is what makes me want to wake up each day and serve the world instead of just myself. As I get older, the things that I do in my life that are done with both empowerment and inspiration are beyond transformative. Not only for myself, but for so many others. It is an ongoing cycle and ever emerging vision on the ways that I can serve humanity and be one of the people that does change the world. And that is why each day I start with myself.

So how can you be empowered? Find what inspires you. What lights your fire?! Also, how can you look at obstacles in your life with empowerment? Empowerment to persevere is unstoppable. Be that force to be reckoned with. Be that thing that inspires you. Find that thing that moves you and use it as your empowerment. Let it course through your veins as it is part of fully expressing the music of your life.

– Dr. Wayne Dyer

I wish you a blessed week ahead! May you find empowerment in moments throughout your days and use it to fuel your fire.

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