Week 9: I for Innate Intelligence

It’s what makes us breathe. It’s what makes us feel. It’s what makes us run. It’s what makes us sleep. It’s the intelligence working with the force that keeps us alive. It is in essence… everything!

I didn’t know about innate intelligence or really the word “innate” until I started chiropractic school. I had heard of the term “inborn” or “inherited versus learned”, but I didn’t know the word “innate” and definitely not the concept of innate intelligence. Chiropractically speaking, innate intelligence refers to the body’s inborn intelligence to self-heal and self-regulate. For example, innate intelligence is what takes a healthful meal and breaks it down to send the vitamins & nutrients where they need to go throughout the body. It is also what makes our heart beat and lungs fill with oxygen without us having to consciencly tell it to do so. The list of what innate intelligence does is ever going and still being discovered! If you look in an anatomy & physiology book alone, that entire thing is filled with processes all directed and followed through thanks to innate intelligence. It really is infinite.

The concept and principles of innate intelligence are explained more in detail within the 33 principles in chiropractic. These principles are outlined in the “Chiropractic Textbook” by Stephenson. In that book, he defined the actual term of “innate intelligence” in principle numbers 20 & 23:

“No. 20. A ‘living thing’ has an inborn intelligence within its body, called Innate Intelligence…

No. 23. The function of Innate Intelligence is to adapt universal forces and matter for use in the body, so that all parts of the body will have co-ordinated action for mutual benefit.”

Innate intelligence is really something we don’t think about and honestly, many of us take it for granted. To me at that time in my life, innate intelligence made me believe in something when I felt that I didn’t have much to believe in. After Catholic school from K-12, instead of taking the great things I learned & leaving the things that weren’t so great behind, I decided I had an intolerance in my own life for institutionalized religion. My intolerance drove me away from what others were telling me that God was. Instead of figuring it out on my own, I just ignored it all until chiropractic school reopened my eyes.

It was through the subject of innate intelligence that I had to question what it was that I really did believe. Did the concept of innate intelligence actually make sense and hold value? Or was it another thing I was going to be forced to believe or else I was damned? In this case, I was on my own. I was a grown adult, making my own choices and way in life. No one was forcing anything on me. So, I really took a look at this thing called innate intelligence and these 33 principles of chiropractic. To me, at least from a scientific standpoint, it made complete sense.

I couldn’t argue that there was an underlying force that created us through a spark of life, that spark created our nervous system and that nervous system from the first spark of life was governed by some intelligence other than that being’s consciousness. That same intelligence through the nervous system then creates body parts that then form a human being, that eventually if all the messages get relayed correctly through the nervous system of both the developing baby & mother, that human being will sustain life outside of utero with the same intelligence that created, formed, adapts to surroundings & situations while sustaining life till the day it ceases to exist within that being.

With all of this being true, it was impossible for me to not look at where this underlying intelligence comes from, what controls it and where is all starts & ends. Life has to come from somewhere and that somewhere I have been taught seemed like God. I came to the conclusion that no matter what someone wants to call it, with the concept and facts of innate intelligence, “it” or what we mostly call God, it exists whether we want to believe it or not. This is where the 1st principle in chiropractic comes in:

No 1. The Major Premise – A Universal Intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence.

Hang in there with me while I get a bit deep to connect it all together. So… Universal Intelligence is in all things, even non-living objects where as innate intelligence only resides in matter that has life. This made sense to me as to where all things have an underlying force, not just living things. And even those non-living things are governed by a similar intelligence that governs living things… the difference was that living things are connected to universal intelligence through innate intelligence and vice versus. With us being living beings, our innate intelligence (Spirit) is what is connected to this universal intelligence (God). Universal intelligence continually gives to us all our properties and actions, therefore maintaining us in existence. If we do not have the properties of life, of breath (universal intelligence working with innate intelligence) then we are only matter (body without Spirit). We know that as death.

There was no way that I could deny this both scientifically and spiritually. This is how the principles of chiropractic reestablished my conscience relationship with God. And since other life events, this relationship continues to strengthen and I am aware of things I never would have believed possible with my old way of thought & while on that part of my life path. That is why I embrace each day more and more. Honoring it for what it is, what it brings and how I am blessed to serve. I am thankful. I see the need to show gratitude for as many things as I can be aware of throughout each day. This chosen perspective has allowed me to trust innate (Spirit). To trust the Universe (God). In that, I understand and try to live with the faith in divine order even in the hardest of times. Somehow, for me it all comes back to chiropractic and that is what I am doing each day in my office. That is where my heart is. That is my intention. To reconnect people the way that I was reconnected!

Now outside of chiropractic, innate & intelligence have their own meaning yet it is similar when put together. This is how Webster’s and Dorland’s Medical Dictionary define “innate”.

“Webster’s” (2) defines “innate” as “1. existing in one from birth; inborn; native. 2. inherent in the character of something. 3. originating in or arising from the intellect or the constitution of the mind, rather than learned from experience.”

“Dorland’s” (3) defines “intelligence” as “the ability to comprehend or understand.”

Over the years, I have learned to tap into or listen to my innate. What I mean by this is I listen to my gut instincts. That is also what I call my innate. It is the inborn feeling that I have based on a situation or experience. It arose from my “gut” and processed in my mind. I trust this more than my educated mind. And once again, trusting innate has allowed me to trust deeper in divine order. For me, it all goes back to God.

For you… how do you notice innate intelligence playing a role in your life? It is something you have ever acknowledged as having and offer gratitude for it? This week, see the wondrous ways that innate works in your life. If you are like most people, you will see as you notice it’s constant presence and offer it more life through things like gratitude, getting adjusted when needed, eating well, exercising, hydrating, meditating/ praying, resting, yoga and more; innate intelligence will start to express itself at heightened levels in your life. You always have 100% potential available, it is just up to you on how much you want to access and express. Do you want to live life like a dim light fading in & out?… or a spot light constantly steady while ready to shine bright light onto the world?! It’s up to you. Choose life. Express your best through innate!


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