Week 11: K for Kindness

Kindness is something that if we all hope and desire to live in a peaceful world, it starts with our every moment’s actions and reactions. Kindness is not something that should exist out of convenience or when we feel like it. It is something that should be ever present and a constant focus on how to treat our fellow man. Kindness is taking what we can admire, love or simply appreciate about another person and leaving the rest behind knowing that they deserve to be treated with love, respect and honor. Because they are a living being. No other reason needed!

Kindness is something that just is. It is a part of someone. It resonates stronger within their being than any other force at times of stress, worry and fear. Someone with constant kindness stays anchored in love in order to always express such a way of being. Kindness is service. It is being humble and having humility. Like humility… kindness is  not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.


I have worked at being kind throughout my life. I have always wanted to be nice to others and it mattered to a certain degree what people thought of me. It more mattered that they thought I was a kind person or not. I didn’t care if they agreed with my life choices or shared the same sense of humor as me. I just felt it was always important to be kind and make others feel that kindness. Kindness is also important in being successful in any area of life. For me as a health care provider, I don’t have to be kind even though I took an oath of “Do no harm”. But for me as a humanitarian, it is crucial for me to be kind. Having the urge to let others know that I care and honor them is what has allowed for success in my practice, in my friendships and within my family. Kindness has been the water that has grown my life!

However, I am human. I am not always kind and sadly my family sees more of the beast in me than anyone else. I am a parent. I am a spouse. I allow my kids & partner to build stress in my system to where I react with frustration & annoyance versus the kindness & love that is most important. At these moment, I can only offer myself and awareness followed by a deep breath to change the course of (re)action. I often remind myself that I too am still a child of God and need to return to my child like ways to be softer and see what matters most in those moments. As I have been practicing this, I have seen a shift for the better within myself. It is still a daily practice as is parenthood. However, as long as I am taking steps forward, a few back from time to time still allows for progression.

How can you offer kindness in various forms? Do you focus on being kind to everyone, not just those that are part of your family or social circle? This week, find ways that you can be more kind. In your life, find more ways that you can exude kindness. Be that example for someone else. This is the only way we can all connect in peace. Start with being kind to all. All times. Always.


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