Week 12: L for Love

There are so many ways that one can approach the topic of love. Some believe it is how we feel, some believe it is how we act and others believe it is just a way of being. An existence. When we experience being in love, we have a hormonal release of serotonin and other neurotransmitters that create that happy euphoric feeling that we associate with love. However, this is not love. Yes, what we are feeling are expressions of love, ideas of love… but in reality, what we are experiencing is a physical reaction to a chemical response. And it is very easy to earn and want to feel that feeling again and again. But as we know… it often fades in a relationship. But that doesn’t mean that love doesn’t still exist. It just means that it was labeled incorrectly.

Now let’s look at love as an action. We cannot love like we run, eat, dream or even think. It isn’t directly something that we can do or act upon. We can perform loving actions and acts of loving-kindness, but that too is temporary. Does that mean that love no longer exists after the deed is done? Of course not. In this example, love is something that we can use even make us feel better. It is like an episode of Friends where Feebie is trying to convince everyone that there are selfless acts of kindness and love. That all of the good and kind deeds are not just to make us feel like better human beings doing the right thing. Through the episode, she tries to find ways that she can do a good deed without feeling good about herself in the end. Finally, she lets a bee sting her thinking that since she was in pain, the bee got his way. Then her friends let her know that the bee died from stinging her and she ended up killing it, not showing love or kindness.

How true is this when we look at love from this perspective? Won’t it usually sting us in the end? This is where too often people can confuse acting like a decent, heart-centered human being with love. And these acts can even at times be thrown in someone’s face down the road and used as proof of love! How could that even make sense to classify that as love!? We all need to know we matter and be offered help, but this too isn’t love. We should do these acts because we all need some help some times. We should do these acts because we are supposed to. We should do these acts in order to serve God’s people. Not just some people. All people.

Now let’s look at love as a way of being. When we exist in love, when we are love… that is where definitive differences in the world are made. When we live every moment we are able to all from a place of love, mountains are moved. I look at the people that have made the most dynamic changes for the better in the world and they all have one thing in common. They are all heart-centered. They are all love.

Love is an existence. It is a vibration that we create within ourselves sharing it with the world. In this space, this heart-centered plane… peace is created. Light is being born. Love is within all life. If each of us made the conscious effort to change this every moment that we could, in time all problems would be solved. From world hunger to pollution to child custody battles and more. All in the world would be well.

This is something I will continue to practice every day until my last. I thankfully get better and better as time goes on, but old programming, distractions in life and more all make this challenging. However, I am the kind of person that is always up for a good challenge. Especially when I know the end result can hold such rewards. I will not give up as it continues to strengthen my resolve. I seek to be love. Not just be “in love”. If I am love, then I am in love every moment. I am in love with the trees. I am love with my husband. I am in love with the birds. I am in love with my children. I am in love with the food I prepare. I am in love with life! This is where love exists. All else are just small examples of something greater. Help solve the puzzle and be a piece of this glorious picture. It is worth it when if not, love is what we have to lose and with it, love gives us everything we could ever dream of. Choose love. Be love.

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