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Week 13: M for Miracle

Do you think miracles exist? And if so, what do you think really constitutes a miracle? Those are the basic questions in regards to miracles. We can be technical or somewhat aloof in how we look at miracles, however, I think the idea alone brings positivity, hope, and light to anyone’s life.

To understand or even be able to constitute something a miracle, first we need to know what it technically is. Per many dictionaries, a miracle is defined as “a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency”. Many of us feel we witness miracles daily however some of them may be technical miracles and others may have a rationale behind the miracle. In both cases, it is a great thing to attest to in life. Especially if one feels they are blessed to have such miracles on a regular basis.

As a chiropractor, I see what people label miracles close to weekly, sometimes daily when all is really flowing. To them, there is no explanation or reason in their healing. However, to me, there is a distinct scientific explanation that makes logical sense once taught how the body really works and even when looking at the physiological connection that we have to God. The way I best express my gift & art as a chiropractor is through the sacred geometry of the body as well a general understanding of quantum physics. In the 14 years I’ve practiced chiropractic with the utilization of the body’s sacred geometry, I always connect back to quantum physics and to God. To me, this proves God’s existence. As I understood these concepts, the existence of God became common sense as well as scientifically explainable.

Now to look at quantum physics and miracles. In the ever-growing perspective of quantum physics, miracles are really a shift in vibration. Any kind of vibrational shift in any area. It could be a shift in the physical (tumor spontaneously healing), emotional (having the worst day and then you win the lottery), mental (suffering from a long period of depression to awake with feelings of sudden resolve) or spiritual (feeling or seeing God, Jesus or an angel). There are many ways that we can have these occurrences in life, however… it can all be linked back to a vibrational shift in energy. It all goes back to quantum physics.


Now let’s look at energy. Science has proven that everything in existence is energy. Everything is made of molecules that are connected by space. With everything being energy, these vibrational shifts of energy are the most basic scientific explanations behind what people often refer to as miracles. Just because it may not be seen by the naked eye or energetic instruments were not set up to test the shift in vibration(s) & wavelengths at the time the miracle occurred, that does not mean that there isn’t a beautiful possible unknown science behind it all.

I feel that unknown science is ignorance now but an explanation as we grow in learning universal truths of what really is possible. A miracle is labeled so because of a misunderstanding. Because of a current ignorance. But many people are not aware of all of the things that science feels it has proven. Is God a miracle or have we reached a place in science where there is an explanation for God? Have we found an anatomical location for the soul? Well, I think God is truly the main constant miracle as we may never have a scientific or natural explanation for God’s direct creation or existence. I am okay with no explanation in that area. For me, this in no ways negates many things like divine order of the universe, also found within mother nature… to scientists over time finding more facts & other forms of proof of God’s current existence.

One example of God’s current existence is the power of prayer. The power of prayer/meditation has been scientifically proven. Once again it can be explained using quantum physics, however, there are direct studies that have existed over time. There is also something known as a random number generator. This machine prints out 0’s and 1’s at random. A study was conducted where they took a baseline of the machine and there was an even number of 0’s to 1’s. Then, a room full of people were told to focus more on 0’s than 1’s. A print out was done to reveal that there were now more 0’s than 1’s on that test. Then, that same room was told to focus on 1’s instead of 0’s. The results were of the same nature. The print out revealed more 1’s than it did 0’s. Now I understand that this isn’t prayer directly, but it is the proof the energy of thought with the power to change outcomes.

Now, am I here to convince you that miracles do not exist? Of course not! I just want to offer a different perspective on it. One that holds with you each day versus being a rare occurrence, if you are even lucky in a lifetime to experience according to the definition. For example, one of the most common times you will hear people refer to a miracle occurring is during birth. Yet once again, let’s look at birth. Let’s look at conception even. From conception to birth and beyond, there is a very detailed scientific explanation for each step of the way. There are some things that are fuzzy, but overall we know how it happens. We have advanced at least that far in technology and science.

Many could argue that conception and birth are not miracles, however, I disagree. Upon conception, we have something called and even seen with a high powered microscope, the spark of life. This spark is what is the difference between 2 cells meeting and creating a life versus 2 cells meeting and disintegrating. This spark is God. With this spark remaining, we grow and develop into a viable human being. If this spark brightens throughout life, it does so because of staying connected to God. In that, we are connected, clear, and know that success in life comes from God through us. If that spark dims throughout life, it is because we are disconnected and life has not allowed the glory of God to shine through your soul. However, that doesn’t mean that it is done. The light within us all still exists as we continue to breathe. We just need to connect back to Source, remember that spark of light that we were created with still resides. It has not left us and never will as when we no longer breathe, we return back to the Source that we were created from. It is that simple and that majestic.

miracle 2

I also found an interesting article that hosted all of the examples that I came up with over time that prove God’s existence. And these things happen every day! The first one is they mention is the miracle of life, which we just talked about as well.

The second example is the infinite conditions of earth within this universe to sustain life and its ability to adapt to change. The third example is the Fibonacci sequence which proves sacred geometry. This is also God showing up in mathematical form as well as within geometry.

The fourth example is the amazing human body. Once again as I mentioned, there is sacred geometry, quantum physics, chiropractic philosophy and more that all go into allowing for this dynamic flow of innate intelligence thus maintaining us in existence.

The fifth example is the infinite universe. The deeper we dig, the more we discover and the more we realize we have so much more to learn. There are an unlimited amount of things that just like the human body, these things need to happen to maintain not just the earth, but the universe and any possible other corresponding universes in connection. It really is ever vast and mind-blowing.

All of this is why life itself is a miracle! We can be a witness to miracles every day and in doing so, allow a more angelic and positive vibe into our lives. We just need to open our eyes and change our perspective. I understand that for some of us, it is a miracle to even wake up and get out of bed. For others, it is a miracle to survive dealing with a difficult boss, co-worker or even spouse each day. No matter the occasion, it was surpassed. It is being overcome. It should be celebrated just as life should be celebrated because it is all connected. And life truly is a miracle. Go and create one!



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