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Week 15: O for Om

I had a completely different word planned for this week, however, after covering “Namaste” last week I feel that this was better fitting and potentially offered through divine order. I also like covering these words/ideas because I feel they are too often misunderstood as well as misinterpreted. I like to break barriers that may exist in one’s mind as to what is comfortable and how we can educate ourselves so what once may seem uncomfortable through lack of information or misunderstanding is now known. Knowledge is power! True wisdom comes from knowing and understanding all things. We always have free will from there to decide what is right for us.


This week, the word is “om”.  “Om” is something known of as a word and a symbol as well being used as a mantra. The word “om” in translation from Sanskrit is “the name of God”. It is also referred to as “the ultimate reality, the entirety of the universe, truth, divine, supreme spirit, cosmic principles, knowledge”. The above picture is the symbol for “om” and the mantra is pronounced more like A-U-M. A mantra is anything that is chanted, said or sang over & over, or repeat in prayer/meditation. A good example of this in a possibly more familiar culture is saying the rosary in Catholicism or monks/priests singing or chanting hymns repeatedly. These are all versions of mantras.

Mantras originally came from Sanskrit and Hinduism dating back over 3,000 years ago. This was way before the coming of Christ. So when I studied Hinduism in college, out of all of the religions aside from Judaism, this one made the most sense as far as honoring the self, each other & God. It practices principles of non-harm which I personally agree with as a child of God. I look at all people as children of God whether they agree with my ideas or not therefore who I am to condemn or hurt another?!

I recall through history how many wars & battles were and still are fought in the name of God. And in reality, there is only one Creator so we are all on the same side anyways! It is just a difference of language, translation, and interpretation of God’s ultimate design for mankind. So fighting over religion or any idea is more simply put as bloodshed over man’s ideas followed by a bruised ego for others not wanting to follow. I also recall through history the many Christain Crusades. I remember Bloody Mary getting her nickname as such because she wanted everyone to be Catholic instead of Protestant. Is that what it is to live Christ-like?! People claim they know God, do things for God and love like Jesus… but actions like these definitely demonstrate something else. They show the darkness that can still reside in what should be pure light.

So if you have never been open to understanding what “Om” means, please do so because you are part of this whether you like it or not. This is the overall shift in the world. To that of a one consciousness. To that of collective awareness and love. We can choose war and be stuck in our own ideas. It can be a war between countries or within our own homes based on ideas & beliefs that only serve to separate us further in love… or we can stop simply to know that we could be wrong about anything in life at any time. Possibilities in life are limitless and based on that… let’s just love instead. All of this is really simple even though it can be vast in thought. Om is that oneness. It is a togetherness. It is everything in existence. It isn’t limited to earth. It is expansive to the universe. And you are part of it. We all are part of it. And all of it goes back to God!


Such ancient ideas & beliefs in religions like Hinduism help in finding a common truth & a common ground for all mankind that corresponded and connect within Christian truths & beliefs. How could I deny these universal truths that came from a different book from a time when Jesus didn’t even exist?! I innately felt that this general concept of “the name of God” as well as “oneness” was completely correct. I had nothing I could argue with. What I also connected “om” to was a likeness to scriptures in the Bible. It connected to love, service, honor. With all of God’s creations.

Words/concepts like “om” and “Namaste” are what made me really analyze, understand and adopt the concept “What would Jesus do?” To me, this is more of how Jesus lived. Honoring the divine in all. Not killing anyone for choosing to not follow. According to Galatians 5:13, we are called to be free but must use our freedom in a certain way.


We, just like Jesus, are meant to serve. Not only serve but meant to do so with love in our heart. Not with expectation, not with resentment and not unwillingly, but humbly! “Serve one another humbly in love!” How much clearer can it be?!!! Here is another verse just to be sure. In Joshua 24:15 it says:


It doesn’t say to not break bread with neighbors that hold differing belief systems. It doesn’t say create murder, wars, and lifelong battles because we all need to believe the same thing.  It says that we need to choose, but the most important part to me is that we have to SERVE! If it is chosen to not be the Lord, that is their free will! However, if we are serving our families… if we are serving our neighbors… if we are serving each other, then we are serving the Lord. Whether that is the intention or not, that is what is happening. Just like keys falling to the floor once dropped because of gravity, it happens whether we want it to or not.

So it is up to us! It is left in our hands & hearts to be the oneness. To be the “om”. I like to write affirmations on the mirrors in our household. The one in our master bathroom currently is “We are what our children will become. Be peace. Be love. Be light!” If we are serving, then the examples of what we are for our children are effortless in comparison to having a checklist of how to act.

Simply serve. Serve each other, serve the Lord. This is “om”. This is the oneness. Details to our beliefs will never matter compared to the results of living Christ-like or heart-centered. We need to be the examples we seek in the world! Have an abundant and blessed week!

~ Namaste ~



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