Week 16: P for Perspective

In understanding the meaning of a few specific words versus just being aware of them, the resonance of their meaning within me changed the course of my life. Perspective is one of those words. This was a word that I always knew and understood but didn’t own it to mean anything to me specifically for quite a while. It wasn’t until the passing of my second daughter Sophia, that in time, I realized that my perspective through the process of her battle with cancer had an impact. My perspective of life after her passing had an impact and still does. An impact that I am just beginning to understand.

Her passing and the story that I wanted to share with the world was coming from a certain perspective and within that perspective came choices of perception itself. When it was all said and done, what was it that I wanted to take with me predominately each day? Was it the misery I can recall? Her suffering at the times that it was apparent or at least I could tell? Do I want to dwell in what caused her cancer to go from almost nonexistent to terminal? What about the fact that chemo was something I fought for her to never have?

I saw so much of her strength through her life. Who really knows how much that little girl held in with how strong she was. I can see it when I look back but is that what I want to focus on? OR… Do I want to remember all of the great things that she brought to my life?! What about all of the great information that I learned because of her journey with cancer? Was it all just to experience pain and despair?! Of course not! So I knew that I had a choice. A choice to relive the hell I experienced. Or a choice to shine light out of the darkness that existed in that experience? I chose the perspective of light.

I also chose the perspective of Sophia. The perspective of wisdom. What is it that she would want to see change in the world? What would she have wanted available for her to heal without harm? That is what became my mission and that is why I am here. That was and is my new perspective. In that… I am still a loving mother, partner, chiropractor, wellness advocate, informative & motivational writer and I love the life I have been given despite the hardships I have endured! I express radical gratitude!

Just as I finished writing that part of this blog, I went online to find pictures that I feel are appropriate with this week’s topic. As I did so and scrolled a bit down the search on Google images keyword, “perspective” and this is what I found…

Sophias+Logo+Design+big+bw+selective+colo2rFor those of you that know about Sophia and the symbolism her presence has brought to my life, her birth color is yellow. She is also associated with a yellow butterfly, the swallowtail specifically which was chosen while living in Spain not knowing any association with the butterfly here in Tennessee or realizing its presence in our lives while with Sophia on a hike in South Carolina when she was a baby. This is why I trust in divine order now. What are the odds that I search and that is what comes up?! Do the search yourself and see how many similar things pop up with the keyword, “perspective”.

Sophia has taught me co-incidence versus coincidence. There are no coincidences, only connections. She has shown me that God has a divine plan for us each. And that plan unfolds effortlessly and beautifully in comparison when done from a genuine positive perspective.


So, what is your perspective? We can start by looking at any given situation in our lives. Another thing I started challenging myself with is finding more than one or more differing but potential perspectives in a situation other than my own perspective. I would ask myself, “What other truths could exist aside from my own?” This was quite eye-opening as it gave room for potential and possibility. I realized that if a given situation has many possible perspectives, so does all of life. It is up to us to choose.

We can be happy with the life we have been given and what we have created with that life…. or we can be unhappy because we thus far haven’t been great managers of our own lives. We can always choose to change to adopt a better, more focused and potential driven perspective versus limiting the possibilities in our own lives. If we don’t think we deserve it, then how is it ever going to come if we don’t welcome it? Welcome happiness. Welcome joy. Welcome laughter. Welcome love. It’s your perspective!

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