Week 17: Q for Quiet

When we tell a child to be “quiet”, we are telling them to be calm and still more than we are telling them to not make a sound. Being quiet or still is something that we mostly don’t think about or long for during our younger years. However, as an adult and definitely once a parent, quiet is something we feel we dream of more than experience in life. I know that when I became a mom, I took in complete peace in whatever hours of the day I was given quiet time. Whether it be a nice walk down the street or during a 4am breastfeeding session followed by a diaper change then back to bed… if there was a stillness, I savored it.hcsign-Quiet-iconToo often we are so busy that we forget what quiet is like. We also can forget that what can happen during those moments of quiet can be quite profound. In early mom-hood, I just took quiet for the brief moment of peace that it was. As the years went on and more so as I became closer to knowing God, quiet is something very special and very sacred in my life. I find moments of quiet & connection all throughout my day. If not, I don’t know how I would manage successfully all of the things that I choose to do in my life and to provide a healthy way of life for my family. I know it is my effort, but when it is done with love and gratitude for God, it has a depth to it. It is done with purpose. Just like many monks do with all of their actions. They do it mindfully and so can we.

So in my moments of quiet, I remind myself of my Source. I give gratitude for all that I have been given and all that I can give back knowing that I can never out give the Creator. I visualize my day and offer my services with love to participants and my family members that I am blessed to have in my life. I try to find stillness where ever I can because I know in using those moments in quiet, it is the most meaningful thing I can do with what little time I may have to myself. Of course, I am human and I have moments of being overwhelmed while feeling like I never have time to myself, but when I remember to make use of the moments of quiet, I can more clearly see what matters.


Also in being quiet, I have found that is time for my conversations with God. If we are moving, talking and thinking all of the time, then we don’t have much room for things to filter in and through us. How can Spirit move us when we are too busy moving from one distraction to the next? In being quiet, I often start by being the most still in all ways that I can. In mentioning having conversations with God, it is more like I sit and listen versus a back & forth conversation. There are times I may ask a question or request guidance, but mostly I have learned that it is all under control. Or as I like to say in the land I live, it is all good! I do literally live in Algood 😉

In being quiet & still, I can hear what I supposed to do. I can let things go. I can connect to my breath. I can connect to myself and my Source. It is unlimitless. Some of the most amazing things in my life has come from guidance by God. The space in Livingston that I opened my first practice here in Tennessee, as well as the location the Cookeville office is now, were both visions I had while being quiet. I recently had another one on how I am better meant to serve this community, specifically children… so I see that coming to fruition when the time is right.

Quiet time for me has become exciting. As I have practiced in my life, I have improved on hearing or in my case at times, seeing the message. It is more times than not inspiring and motivating. There are times where I am not too jazz for what I feel I am being called to do, but as one of my mentors in chiropractic would say, “Do what you need to do when you need to do it, whether you like it or not.” And I think when it comes to God versus laundry, it is best to listen or we will just keep repeating ourselves until we are ready to learn. It is always up to us thanks to free will!

So this week, seek quiet. Find times throughout the week that you can go inward. Just be. Offer love to yourself and offer love to God. Life is worth all moments. The busy ones and the quiet ones that also offer sacred gifts. I look forward to making the most out of my moments this week as well.  Many blessings to you this week and always!


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