Week 18: R for Rebirth

I am really happy that this topic shortly follows the celebration of Easter. It is a great time to reflect upon what we just gathered for as well as to remember what is possible. Easter marks the time for spring. It is a time of rebirth, renewal, rejoicing, reunions, and also resurrection. For those of us that went to church, we were reminded of Jesus’ resurrection and his glorious rebirth for our sins as well as the gift for us to remain with free will. We heard the usual but beautiful message of Christ’s rebirth at the non-denominational service where we attend church. However, we also attend Unity Church of the Cumberlands and have for years now. This week, I wanted to offer a more integrative approach to rebirth that you can take with you and use throughout life… no matter your religious or spiritual beliefs.

From a more metaphysical as well as Unitarian perspective that was shared beautifully by Rev. Charlotte during our Easter celebration… it is a potential perspective to see resurrection and rebirth within ourselves. Just as we are made in His image, we too are capable of leading a similar life that Christ led. We are capable of loving unconditionally. We are capable of serving the lame and poor. We are capable of spreading the message of love and God’s good will. We are capable of witnessing and experiencing miracles. We are also capable of performing acts of healing! This includes rebirth within ourselves!

I want to expand this idea of resurrection and the potential it truly has in all of our lives on a regular basis. I like to think of all of the things that are resurrected at this time of year. Countless things in nature blossom back to full potential. Trees, flowers, and animals of all kind demonstrate their direct connection to innate potential and universal intelligence at this time of the year. For our bodies, it is also often a time of bouncing back and resurrecting old healthy habits. Even though we associate getting healthier with this time of the year, we really have the potential any time to regenerate new cells and create a rebirth within.

Every 2-3 days, the stomach lining is replaced. Every 2-3 weeks, your skin cells are regenerated. Red blood cells can last for about 4 months while white blood cells can last days to a week or so. Our liver regenerates lobe by lobe taking approximately 3 years per lobe for a total of 9 years of regeneration! Our bones regenerate every 10 years, however, I have seen that go much faster in someone healing from cancer that metastasized to the bone. Fat cells live an average of 10 years so that is why lifestyle changes are the only way to see long term results. Tooth enamel, as well as the lenses of the eye, are never replaced.

Even though we are stuck with some of our original make-up, much of us is not who we were a decade ago! As you can see from the list above, we constantly change without effort in many ways. We are brilliant. We are full of potential for constant change and we do so even subconsciously. We do not think about having our cells change and regenerate, it just happens. It is innate. However, in the emotional aspect of ourselves, it can be much more challenging changing our minds aka thought patterns. When it comes to our thoughts, we all think the same thoughts over and over each day and usually will throughout life. They may change a bit like our life perception changes, however, most of the chatter will remain the same. It is known that we subconsciously download information much like a recording machine. This is the most dominant in our life from in-utero to the age of 6. Around the age of 6, our brain wavelengths shift from that which is similar to a hypnotic state into a more conscious and basic wavelength. From there, we continue on downloading information throughout life in a different way.

Now despite believing we are programmed since birth, that is not the case at all. We have so much power and potential to change what we think about and who we are becoming. We have the capabilities to re-record the beliefs of our life. We just have to first be aware of what mind chatter exists. Once we know what we constantly think about day in and day out, we can start replacing those old thoughts with more positive and inspiring ones.

I have 2 quotes that I would use as mantras to help me at the beginning of my practice of thought shifting. When I would catch myself in pointless limited thinking patterns, I would remind myself of these quotes. I would repeat them in my head and make sure they resonated within. The first quote is a bit obvious as the impact it has, however, the second one is special to me in a different way. I caught myself having limited thinking in being upset that all the plans that I had for my life hadn’t manifested yet. Once I heard that quote, I could laugh at myself and just let go. Then… I focused more on the first quote.

Once this sank in, I started changing what I caught myself thinking about and then replaced it with a more positive & productive thought instead. In a short amount of time, each thought was being replaced with better ones. I would notice that it was first hand to go to the positive thought whereas the old thought wasn’t a part of me anymore. It wasn’t my nature anymore! I noticed that most of the things I once thought had completely shifted. My “train of thought” was and continues to be completely different than it was before. It is really possible for all of us!





Now, none of the changes that have meant the most in my life happened overnight. It takes time for us to change things we have taken in our whole lives, but the amazing thing is that change in the right direction is possible much faster than change for the worse. This is a key in healing. We are completely in control of our rate of healing in this area. It just takes awareness, accountability, and more effort if we want to see a difference in a faster period of time. In the past 7 years, but mostly 2 years especially… I have gone through a rebirth. Because I started my rebirth journey in the spiritual realm, it cascaded over into the emotional and physical realms of my life. I started seeing so many wonderful things in my life change. It is quite remarkable. Even the fact that I have struggled with weight my entire life and through this journey, I found keys and connections to dropping the weight effortlessly and without even focusing on it. But all of this… took time.

It is perfectly okay that it takes time. It took at least 36+ weeks for us to be created, birthed and then we had to see if we were strong enough to sustain life outside of the womb. Healing is a journey, not a destination. The most important thing that we can do is constantly figure out how to be the best versions of ourselves.

So are you ready for your own rebirth?! What areas of your life need that dynamic change? If you can see it, it is possible. Be the creator that you are destined to be. This week start seeing where you can start this rebirth in your life. If you feel stuck, focus on the 2 quotes I used, find your own meaningful reminders or just simply offer yourself and others love. It can be that simple. You will be amazed at the change you can be in your world, let alone everyone’s world!


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