Week 19: S for Stillness

Stillness is something else that is a rare commodity in most of our lives these days. It is known that we are busier now than we ever have been in history. That doesn’t mean that we are more productive, it just means that we are running around like chickens with our heads cut off. When I heard the statistics about our current rates of busyness, it made me reflect upon where time is spent for most families in America, especially mine. I know in being a small business owner, mom, and spouse… that takes up most of my time. I am an overall productive person when it comes to how I choose to take care of my family and offices, however, I still knew there were areas where my family and I could be more productive, maybe even still.

What time I have with my family is usually early in the morning when taking Eva to school. I have time with Lily through the day until we go to the office most days. After my office day and picking Eva up from an extracurricular activity… I often come home to cook dinner and hopefully watch a family show or two before bath & bedtime. Since I started reflecting upon where our time is spent, I wanted to create more quality in our life. More stillness.


I noticed that when I would come home, the TV would often be on as well as electronic devices being used. This would play in the background as I rushed about cleaning, cooking then cleaning once again. Everything felt rushed. No one was settled really and calm. It was a 4 ring circus and we were our own rings. I asked myself how I could ease this stress and create more stillness amongst what still needed to be done. I wanted it to be an enjoyable time and hold value. So I asked that electronic devices be turned off as well as the TV. Music can be played at a reasonable level for communication to still take place, but everything else needed to be eliminated.

What I saw take place was what I expected and what should have been happening the entire time. Zak & I were cooking together, Lily was playing while Eva started studying or Eva & Lily were doing something together. No matter the combination, there was a stillness in moments. And in those moments of stillness that I would catch, I could savor what was happening. I was able to appreciate my life happening as it was happening versus being that chicken. We continue to practice this through the week and every once in a while, we will watch a family show together.

Now, this is just one aspect of stillness that we can create within our families, but what about within ourselves?! When it comes to myself alone, I knew that there were areas that I could create more stillness. Even if just for a few seconds. I find moments throughout the day that I just stop amongst whatever chaos is surrounding me and just stand still. I often close my eyes, take in a deep breath and offer gratitude. It is amazing to be anchored again in doing such a simple thing.


Now on a deeper level, I have found varying times to create stillness in my life. At times I create stillness for myself amongst chaos surrounding me. I just step back and remain still for the moment. Taking in whatever it has to offer. By utilizing another tool, I have seen profound change within myself by assuring longer periods of stillness in my life. I do this through meditation, even if it is for a short time each day.

Aside from my 49 Breaths Meditation conference call I am on through the week with like-minded chiropractors, I find even 5 minutes throughout my day to sit in silence and just be still. I may find it in my car when I pull into the garage, it may be in bed before I get up for the day or it may be before patients come into for their adjustments, either way… I find time for stillness. And in that stillness, I have found answers I didn’t know I needed. I have found peace and ways to see things from a more positive perspective. I don’t do anything but sit, stay still, breathe the sweet breath of life and see what flows through me. At least I know that I will feel my pulse and recognize my heartbeat which all contribute to the blood coursing through my veins. I will notice my lungs expand and know it provides my body with the oxygen it needs to perform countless tasks for survival. I will be aware of my body relaxing and my mind clearing. I know I can just let go. As can you.

This week, be sure to remember that no matter what is going on, we have an option to create a moment of stillness. Stillness really is something that is within, as the world will never stop turning nor is it likely we will suddenly be able to live a calm & serene life. It is up to us to be our own creator in life and that includes creating stillness within. That also includes creating stillness without where we can. Within is also where we connect to our Creator and without is where we can deeper connect with our family & community. Through stillness, we connect and through connecting we can find stillness. Either way, we will win if we just try. Have a blessed & beautiful week!



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