Week 20: T for Time

Time is something that gets the best of us. Often, we feel we blink and life has flashed before our eyes. We are also statistically the busiest we have ever been in history. But that doesn’t mean we are the most productive we have ever been. With the imbalance of living to work versus working to live, something has to change in order for us to have fulfilling lives. However, time isn’t going to stop but we can look at where we spend our time and what we spend it doing.

In today’s day & age, we are becoming more consumed by electronics. With computers in the palm of our hands, we have access to almost the entire world in some form. Our children are spending more time with electronics each day compared to one on one time with a parent. We have more shows than ever to choose from as well as movies that are not only being made but remade. We have more choices in video game consoles as well as games. In some places, you can’t even pump gas without watching something electronic at the gas pump. We are flooded with it… yet we wonder where the time goes.

I was determined to not be a plugged-in family. Yet despite my intentions, it somehow happened and old health habits got replaced. One thing I started doing to change all this was to reduce the time spent on a device and how often a device was allowed to be picked up. I also put a halt to binge-watching family shows during the day when we had any downtime on weekends and in the evenings in general. Eventually, I noticed that we were back to eating dinner without squeezing a show in. We would also do more activities together or heaven forbid, conversate. We would find the time to go do something versus getting stuck and time just going by. We were becoming more of an unplugged family from electronics and more of a plugged-in family with each other & ourselves.

I also choose to look at the busyness we have in life from things like running kids to school, games, practices, dance classes and more from a more serving perspective that allows the time slipping away to not have such a draining impact. Instead, I try to savor the moments versus thinking of everything I need to get done. I remind myself that they grow up fast and one day I won’t have the privilege to do the things I do because they will be self-sufficient and grown. I think of the future and how much time I will have to myself compared to now. That is if I use time wisely.

That is really the trick to time. It is what we make of it! Time is of essence yet time really doesn’t exist. Yes, we have what we have labeled as 24 hours in a day before the sun will rise or set at approximately the same time each through a cycle. However, time is something we have created within our human mind in order to “do” everything we think need to do or have a way to track history/events. Since we created the idea of time, how about we re-create the idea of wasted time and focus on creating “a time”. Creating a memory. Eventually a series of them. I would rather be programmed with memories of my own life versus memories of a tv show or movie. Make your time into what you want it to be. You are the creator of your life… and your time! Now go create & re-create!


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