Week 21: U for Universal Intelligence

I found it perfectly fitting that this week’s topic is Universal Intelligence when we already spoke about Innate Intelligence back when we did “I”. Universal and innate intelligence go hand in hand. They are both universal laws and the intelligence that governs all.

Since we are talking about universal intelligence this week, we will start there. As I mentioned when writing about innate intelligence earlier this year, chiropractic school is what opened my eyes and mind to these concepts. It was the first time that I thought about universal intelligence, innate intelligence, and the similarities yet differences they encompass. The more I kept analyzing and thinking of all of the examples of the presence of universal intelligence, it was hard to deny it’s reality. No matter what, like gravity on earth, it exists. It is law… and not a man-made one. And if you are blessed to go to a principled school like I did, then it all started with the 1st of the 33 principles within chiropractic.


Universal intelligence is known as the intelligence that runs everything. The stars, the planets, the moon, the tides, trees, other galaxies… things we don’t even conceptualize or have knowledge about are also run by universal intelligence. Universal intelligence is what creates the seasons, a natural disaster to replenish the earth, cycles of the solar system and more. It is what creates a balance between life & death, darkness & light and everything in between. It is vast. It is ever unfolding. It is really the presence of God.

It is an undeniable thing. The more that you think about it, the more it connects to. Then when we think about innate intelligence specifically, it is even more mind-blowing. Innate intelligence is the aspect of universal intelligence that governs all living things. From insects to birds to trees to human beings and beyond, innate intelligence is what takes food and turns it into the living being that consumed it. It is what signals to an animal that it is time to hibernate.  It is what signals the initial to the last breath that creates and sustains life. Innate intelligence runs one cellular organisms and billion cell organisms as well. It created, knows and maintains the difference between a liver cell versus a red blood cell versus a cell from muscle in a leg. We don’t have to think about innate intelligence doing it’s job to run our bodies the best as it can with the circumstances we are presented with… it just happens. It is innate.


For me, understanding these universal laws and seeing the truth constantly unfolding in my life was the scientific explanation of God. As a chiropractor, I didn’t need any more proof as I saw that same power that moves the seas and rotates the earth, works within living creatures. I saw that once the power was unleashed, the life potential was greater. It still stands true as many other truths that all connect back to universal and innate intelligence. With chiropractic, healing occurs on its own. In seconds at times, there is a drastic shift towards greater adaptation and renewed energy in an area. More life is present and flowing within. No matter what the external stressor or challenge within the environment, we adapt. Innate alters what we need when we need it and how we express it. Innate assures our survival as universal intelligence assures the universe’s survival.

And all this goes back to one very important life lesson that was already mentioned briefly… everything and everyone does the best that they can with what they have at that time. When we can look at life from this perspective, forgiveness becomes something of grace versus agony & hardship. Imperfections can be seen as an opportunity for awareness while overcoming challenges is an opportunity for growth. When I really understood this idea of us all doing our best, it was much easier to let judgment of my fellow brothers and sisters go. It was easier to find forgiveness in someone that looks like a monster to others. It was also much easier to forgive myself.

In the long run, universal intelligence and innate intelligence continue on. Whether a particle or cell, both of these intelligences will remain as long as living things exist as well as a universe. They will continue on effortlessly as we should copy this effortless action in our own lives as well. How freeing would it be to open your eyes daily to these ideas? Knowing all is unfolding perfectly? We need not interfere, but remember we are all doing the best we can with what we got… as well as life can be abundant effortlessly if we just sit back and don’t get in our own way. Too much effort can be destructive as nature understand and so must we.

This week, look at the countless ways that universal intelligence is present in life. I challenge you to find ways it isn’t related as well. That may prove to be a harder task. I think you will find that universal intelligence is one of the most ignored and overlooked subjects but once aware of its existence, there is an undeniable truth that takes on a life of itself. That is our universe. That is the power of creation. That is the power of God!



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