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Week 22: V for Vaccine

I was planning to write on a completely different topic, however… this word came up and has been coming up a lot more with the possibility of mandated vaccines. I was also inspired by a family that comes into the office and them recently going to march in Washington for the rights of their kids, mine and possibly yours. This is a very controversial topic and my goal is not to create that kind of energy but to educate in an area that someone may not be aware of. I want to make it clear that I am not ever wanting to battle someone over their beliefs over anything. In this case, it is merely my due diligence as a primary healthcare provider and doctor in my community to share my experience, knowledge, research and time informing the public about the other side.

With that being said, I would like to share my personal experience with vaccines. I was born in 1980 in a hospital. I got a basic set of 5 or 6 vaccines. The chicken pox vaccine wasn’t around until later in my life so those 5 or 6 were all I ever got. I never had a reaction that my parents saw or were aware of. I grew up an overall healthy kid yet always overweight. I went to chicken pox parties with my cousins and never had the chicken pox. Overall, I was raised health wise the way that most of us were. I got my basic vaccines, took antibiotics when sick and whatever over the counter medications that addressed any symptoms I may have.

Upon entering chiropractic school, I learned that there were other options. Sadly, it had really never crossed my mind until that point in my life. As I have mentioned in previous blogs this year, it was the first time I met people that had never had any kind of medication in their life. I had no idea that was even a possibility! So I wanted to learn how this was the case, why they rarely to never got sick and maintained a high quality of life. It was through chiropractic, eating a healthy diet, exercise, proper hydration, positive mental thinking and proper rest that they could live this way. Now even though these are the 5 pillars of health, not all of them were done in the concession as they should be. Some people just ate well and got adjusted throughout life. Others got adjusted, exercised and ate at least decent compared to most. No matter what was picked and chosen in their life… chiropractic was the main connection.

This was what I wanted to implement into my life at this point and definitely the way that I wanted to raise my family.  I had homebirths with all 3 of my girls and they were perfect & beautiful in every way. When my children were born, I chose not to vaccinate. I wanted to keep their bodies as pure as possible from the start of life. After learning all that is possible in health & wellness with the nervous system being connected, the risks definitely didn’t outweigh any benefits in my opinion. When making this choice for each of my children, I knew it had an impact. A positive one from all I have seen thus far in their lives, however, I didn’t know how that decision would play a major part in one of my kid’s lives later on.

                            This is my family of 4 before Sophia’s diagnosis.

Flash forward to 2011 when we moved to Spain. Eight months after moving there, my second daughter was diagnosed with PNET brain cancer. It is a neurologically based cancer that they said she was born with and her body had fought off until that point. I knew that she had been getting adjusted since in-utero, ate good organic food overall, used cloth & organic diapers, used all natural soaps & detergents… what else could I have done?! Aside from the genetic factor in cancer, I knew that the diagnosis was most likely linked to a mold exposure over the years in America. I also knew that I didn’t vaccinate her, so that gave me a huge sense of relief in knowing the damage that is possible specifically with the brain and the entire nervous system. That was when they confirmed what I had thought to be true.

I didn’t speak Spanish well, so they sent a translator into the room to ask me a few questions. They asked me if I had been vaccinated as a child, if I had been vaccinated while pregnant, or if I vaccinated my daughter in her life? I told them I had been vaccinated as a child per the recommended at that time, however, I have not gotten any vaccines since nor has my child ever. I was surprised at the questions but mostly I wanted to know why the asked. What was their perspective? So I asked, “Why did you find it important to ask me those series of questions?” To which their response was, “We wanted to rule out possible causes to her nervous system based cancer. We have seen a correlation in pediatric cases.” My jaw must have hit the floor. It didn’t make the situation better, but yet it was a form of validation in my decisions for her, as her mother.

Vaccination little girl.

Some of the main reasons that I choose not to vaccinate aside from research was because of what I saw and heard from other parents in my own office. From the time we opened the practice, we saw a good variety of kids and families. Some families were all natural like me, others were not so much. Some did a mix of natural ways of living but used medicine or vaccines as they saw fit. I also saw families where the older child was vaccinated, they had a reaction or the parent further educated themselves, and later chose not to vaccinate their other children. I actually liked that I could hear real-life stories and experiences first hand versus printed research that is more times than not offered by the same company promoting said vaccine.

What I heard I found very interesting. Out of the families that once chose to vaccinate, a few of them did have reactions to the vaccine. Some were very minor reactions that we just scary at the time and others were major reactions that led to autoimmune disorders and even in a few causes autism. Those families included with the families that once chose to vaccinate and then changed their minds with the other kids all reported similar things. The kids that didn’t get vaccinated do not get sick as often and are overall healthier. If they do get sick or show symptoms, they are over it and back to normal life much faster than the vaccinated kids. Also, chiropractically speaking, I noticed that the kids that were vaccinated had interference more often at the adrenal/sympathetic regions of the spine versus the kids that were not vaccinated. I often can feel the difference between vaccinated kids in general compared to my kids that I have been adjusting since birth.

Something else I directly saw a few time in my years of practice has been reactions from vaccines. This also has ranged from very mild symptoms such as a rash, irritability and/or fever to explosive diarrhea & vomiting with convulsions. In the last case mentioned, it was a reaction not only from the vaccine but then the medication that they gave the child ignoring what was happening and trying to treat her symptoms alone. Because of that approach, the child’s condition worsened with additional symptoms now from the medications. The parents went to multiple medical doctors begging for someone to do something else or look at it a different way. Thankfully, they were referred to me. After 2 adjustments, all of the symptoms stopped and she started to live life like a normal child again. But should it come to that? And if so… are you willing to be that parent to watch your child go through something when there are other options?


Let’s address those options as many people aren’t even aware exist. The first way to combat any disease is to stay healthy in the first place. Food and all that we consume is key in this. One thing that outrages me is when I see parents that are pro-mandated vaccinations feed their kids McDonald’s, soda, foods with dyes & preservatives, use harmful cleaning agents & chemical detergents in the house and heaven forbid they can remember the last time that their child actually drank water. Now, this is obviously not the case with everyone, however, I have observed a good chunk like this that are very stuck in their ways and what is crazy is they do not have any idea what constitutes health in the first place! For those that are aware of what they put into and on their bodies on this level, is fantastic that they have educated themselves on this aspect of a healthy lifestyle and are doing good things overall for themselves.

The main way to staying healthy first and foremost would be including regular chiropractic care into your lifestyle to assure a connected nervous system and a body functioning with 100% potential. This isn’t a biased statement, this is scientific fact… if you aren’t getting adjusted on a regular basis, you aren’t functioning at 100%. Therefore, your food isn’t being digested the way it should, nutrients are being distributed the way they should, the immune system isn’t at the top of its game, reproductive systems and associated hormones aren’t at peak or even ideal levels… none of how someone functions without chiropractic care is a true reading on “health”. It is impossible because they are living partially connected therefore partially in health!

Another option for a level of protection is nosodes. They were once thought to be effective like a vaccine, however, labeling, drug laws, and other things are changing that. Nosodes are available for things ranging from Diptheria to Polio to Mennengitis. Much of the research I found wasn’t in favor of using them and looked at vaccines as far superior, however, still the main factor was ignored. Safety. A recent medical based study showed that a nosode was 22% effective in mice for preventing a rare infection compared to the 100% effectiveness with the vaccine. But no side effects or safety comparisons were done between vaccines and nosodes. Vaccines are not 100% effective and most have never even gone through studies with pediatric or pregnancy because of the risks associated for a trial. Could this be because next to the definition of “encephalitis” aka brain swelling in the Merck manual for many years, it listed a virus or vaccines as a common cause?! I just rechecked for the purpose of this article and since I checked last a few months ago, they have changed it to, “virus or foreign protein.” Yet proteins are an ingredient in vaccines! So this is how information is altered and skewed. I saw this change with my own eyes because I constantly research this subject.

Back to research with nosodes, I also did find an interesting article online that shared good data and information that has occurred over time in real life people & situations versus medical based controlled studies with mice or lab rats. I tend to lean towards real-life stats versus lab research. Real like is just that… real. Not swayed because of finances, status or ego. Here are a few studies from that on nosodes from the website

“Additionally, some evidence has been collected during controlled studies in the lab. In 1932, Chavanon published that 45 children had changed from Schick test positive to Schick test negative (demonstrating antibody to diphtheria) after being treated with Diptherinum. Patterson and Boyd repeated this test in 1941, and 20 of 33 children treated converted to Schick test negative. Roux again repeated the study in 1946 with similar results. (5).”       (5): Patterson, J and Boyd WE. “Potency Action: A Preliminary Study of the Alteration of the Schick Test by a Homeopathic Potency.” British Homeopathic Journal 1941; 31: 301-309.

“Much more recently in Brazil in 1998 there was a meningitis outbreak and since they didn’t have a meningitis vaccine at that time and many Brazilian doctors are also homeopaths they used the meningococcal nosode to immunize 65,826 children.  They also left 23,539 children without nosodes as a placebo group.  The homeopathic medical doctors then followed up both groups of children for one year.  They found the efficacy rate for preventing meningitis was 95% in the first 6 months after taking the nosode and 91% after one year. (7).” (7):  Mroninski C, Adriano E, Mattos G (2001) Meningococcinum: Its protective effect against meningococcal disease. Homoeopathic Links Winter Vol 14(4); pp. 230-4).

With that being shared, I have never personally used nosodes. I feel that through connecting the nervous system, eating for liver & gut health as well as implementing the other pillars of health are the way to go and not live based on “what if”. I am not a fear-based decision maker and the one time that a choice was made in my family’s health based on fear, she didn’t make it. Awareness is everything. Connection is everything. Staying pure is everything!

Now for the political rant… I do not have a problem with someone wanting to vaccinate their kids the way that I have a problem with someone wanting me to forcefully vaccinate mine! How can people that don’t have a clue about health, vote to take away the rights of health to others?! It is impossible that they can be considered and labeled to the public as safe when the compensation program for injury clearly shows otherwise.  They have not been proven safe when over $131,485,775 for the flu vaccine has been awarded from January 2019 to April 2019. The year isn’t even over! In the year 2018, $226,628,298 was paid towards families that experienced injury or death from the flu vaccine. These facts were checked for the purpose of the online article by Robert Carlson MD, Danielle Reiter RN, and John Paul Sanchez PharmD. These are medical professionals. Not people with certifications or only a high school diploma sharing their opinions.



Bottom line, if you are healthy and have healthy lifestyle choices, the flu can be overcome in hours or a week at the most with no injury or death resulting. Unlike with vaccine risks. This why vaccines should not be forced on anyone. Life in America should be freedom and choice. I don’t feel I have the right to play Russian Roulette with anyone else’s child’s life, so I don’t feel that anyone has the right to play with mine or another’s child’s life with mandation. And this isn’t even starting to approach the spiritual side with people being pro-life yet pro-vaccine with aborted fetal tissue listed as a very well known ingredient in vaccines.

This subject is too vast that I don’t even care as much about trying to get them illegal as I used to feel was necessary. Instead, I have come off my high horse and realized that it isn’t up to me to save the world with vaccine education. It is up to me to defend the rights of my children and those children under my care as a primary care physician. As a primary care physician, I am equal to that of a medical doctor in almost all subjects relating to the human body as well as law stature & licensing. What is unknown by many is that chiropractors actually take 4 times the graduate study hours in diagnosis and close to 2 times the hours in anatomy & physiology. Now, who do you think understands more about the human body and how to recognize & prevent disease?! Not trying or wanting to step on toes or raise blood pressure, however, can you imagine your child losing their life because of a medical decision made by someone else?! I don’t have to imagine. I have lived it! Not through a vaccine injury, but through chemotherapy I never wanted preventatively for my daughter.


I feel every child has a birthright to health, wellness, love, and joy. Even though vaccines are not and have not been proven as safe as they claim, I still feel that it is up to the parent to choose what they feel is best for their child. In comparison, no one else has to live with the choices a parent makes but them, and the same goes for a non-vaccinating parent. No one had to live with me missing my child every day compared to me and her father! No one else had to sit and stare at the empty hallway that she used to run up and down just 2 weeks before she passed. No one else had a closet of clothes to go through and donate to other kids her age. No one else had to come home and go through a storage unit that we packed up as a family of 4 when we left America and I was eliminating down to our now family of 2. No one else has to do that but the parents! That is why either way it goes… good, bad or indifferent, it is up to each parent to respect the choices of another. And also reflect and realize that maybe we don’t know everything and never will. We just need to keep doing the best we can, teach each other humbly, but mostly LOVE each other. It seems impossible to be offering love when you are using force.

In closing, if you are anti-vaccine, think about changing your approach and perspective on the subject. Focus more on the lawful side of it first and then we can go from there with our own due diligence in research and safety for our kids. If you are pro-vaccine, maybe drop your guard as well to realize what you feel may be good for your child, may be detrimental for another. If you are willing to take the risks for your child, that is up to you. You wouldn’t want vaccines to be illegal and unavailable any more than that anti-vaccine want to be forced to vaccinate against our will. And once again, if you feed your kids stuff like McDonald’s and let them drink soda, please go way back to where health starts in the first place. You have a long way to go before you should have a voice in a child’s life that has been able to stay healthy, well and sickness free as God intends all human being to be. If God didn’t get it right, we would be born with a needle attached. Use and be the brilliance you already are! Just sayin’!


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