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Week 24: X for X Marks the Spot!

Typically when we think of this term, we think back to childhood and searching for treasure… or even simply pirates looking for treasure. Either way, X is where the treasure lays and that is what is being sought out. The treasure was thought of to be gold, jewels or a combination of the both. Maybe even a map to lead to you to another treasure. It was something that was far worth the struggles, battles, wars and more to get that treasure in real life and something that most of us had fun playing as children.


As time goes on, what we think of as treasure often changes. I think the idea of having gold and jewels will always appeal to a chunk of us throughout life, yet something starts to shift in life when are younger and then grow up, and then we may be lucky enough to experience a shift back later in life once we learn a few things.  But when we are younger, that treasure may be a pile of leaves with a bird feather & rocks in it that the collective neighboorhood kids gathered as a group and the imagination continues to soar from there. As we grow, magical ways of thinking become more logical and treasure may even become something more realistic as well. Actual money and things.

We may strive to achieve this newer, yet older-aged version of our treasure and often feel we have failed if we don’t have anything to show for it or everything we wanted to be able to show for it. We beat ourselves up and forget all of the things that happened in the hunt, which is really what it was about when we were kids anyway.  We forget the life lessons, the family & friends that still stand beside us, the overcoming, the struggle then the victory that followed… we just focus on what is seen, not what is experienced. Below is more like what we think in terms of the order of treasure as adults:


As we start to learn that material things and gold really don’t matter compared to the other things that make up true abundance, we have another change in our life. Often after this wake-up call, we have the option to shift back. We can start to look at life as a child again and it all starts with gratitude. For me it is as easy as remembering that we came with nothing and will leave with nothing… so everything in between is abundance. (Thank you, Dr. Wayne Dyer, for that beautiful reminder.) Once we look at the real abundance in our life, we can start to see the world with magic again. A sunset becomes the most inspiring thing. The dew on the trees with the fog can bring calmness and joy that is indescribable. Hearing children laugh opens your heart and allows you to feel the child within no matter what your age. There are all kinds of these moments if you are willing to make the change and let it all in.

Taking this perspective in life has allowed such bliss into my life compared to the way that I used to look at things. I am so much more free and light. I love life and know that all is well and divine. I love the temple my spirit resides in that I call my body and I am thankful for the health that continues to flow from above, down, inside, out. I am blessed beyond measure for what I have, all that I continue to give and all that I will continue to receive in order to continue to give back even more. Knowing I can never outgive the ultimate giver… I can choose to live in spirit, inspired and ready to be a difference in the world.

Now, read this blog completely then go outside and lay flat on your back. Look up into the sky. Put your legs a little more than shoulder distance apart and then put your arms up in a “V” over your head. Take a deep breath in and see all that you are. You are the “X” that marks the spot. You are the treasure of the world. You always have been and you always will be! You are what you have been waiting for. You are good enough and the world is ready to see you shine. Remember this week, you are the “X” that marks the spot!




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