Week 27: A for Acceptance

It is time to start this beautiful cycle of reminders once more before the year is up. I already covered my favorite “A” word of abundance the first round, so I wanted to have this next one be just as meaningful and impactful if possible. Acceptance is something I feel that everyone can relate to. It is what everyone seeks from the start of life and carries throughout life even if it is acceptance of the self. No matter what, acceptance in some form is important to us all and it can be healthy as well.

There are ways that the desire for acceptance can be looked at as good as well as bad. Acceptance is something that at the beginning of childhood to adolescence, it shows its importance more and more. At that age, we strive to be accepted by a new group of people other than our family, our peers & friends. We mimic certain ways to play, behaviors, sayings and sometimes even ways to dress. As we are more in our teenage years, it is like we want to fit in but somehow still stand out as being unique & special. It can be a hard and confusing time with a chunk of wasted energy in our desire for acceptance. But it is something we all need to experience, learn and grow from.

When we get into adulthood, often who we once wanted to be accepted by has changed. We may be in college or have a whole other group we associate ourselves with. Throughout life, we look for groups of people that interest us and we would like to associate ourselves with. For me in early adulthood, it was people in the local band scene because I was dating a musician. Then it switched to the club scene as well, which was still mixed in with the music scene. Even though I was in pre-med undergraduate studies, I still created a life full of who I wanted to associate with and obviously now looking back on it, be accepted by. I met one of my best friends at the restaurant we were both servers at. We shared many interests, loved and accepted each other.

All of these experiences in early adulthood I took with me to chiropractic college. If you look at the picture below, it may make a bit more sense. I definitely had a way of style & dress that showed what kind of background I came from, what music I mostly liked and who most of my peers were. However, at Life University, I was surrounded by a whole new kind of people. I was not at all like those people on the outside, but I really feel I longed to be on the inside. A really cool thing is that I didn’t feel like I needed to change who I became through the music & club scene to fit in at chiropractic school. I was the only one that dressed the way I did, so I stood out for sure. Most of the other students wore athletic or yoga gear while some wore jeans & tee shirts. None of it really mattered. I just fell in love with what I learned about chiropractic and that was all that it took. I really think that is why we were all there. For that common likeness and for many of us, what became a love & passion. I never felt shunned or looked down on by anyone in that school for looking different. I felt accepted in a way that I never had before in my life. It was refreshing on its own.

That what was once refreshing became liberating. I learned that I could be who I felt that I was and be loved by many. I knew that love and caring about others unites everyone with like minds. I knew that the main person I needed acceptance from was always myself. So much came from not only having to worry about acceptance but also feeling comfortable and loved in my environment. I was able to grow and blossom into the beginning stages of living life at my fullest potential.

Very soon after graduating from chiropractic college, I became a mom. This was a whole other level of acceptance as I only wanted what was best for my child & family. I knew as a mother, I would make decisions that I would have to face the consequences for not only myself but also for my child. Once again, it is a whole other level of self-acceptance, especially when as a parent you focus on self-reflection for the betterment of your children. Who could ever keep up with being accepted by mom groups and things like that when all I wanted to do as a new mom was survive it all with brand new office/business?!

This is where I feel that the idea of acceptance really shifted for me. It became more introspection than the desire for acceptance. It became about doing what needed to be done as well as what was right. It became about catching myself when I was slipping and figuring out a way to best learn from it. I knew that doing my “housework” body, mind & spirit was going to lead to the only acceptance that matters. Acceptance within myself as well as from the powers that be.

It has been a long journey with a few children and 2 spouses, but it has been positive. as well as full of growth. I feel good about what I do and who I am each day. What I do is not who I am, but I do know that I am a child of God and God accepts & loves all of his children just like all healthy parents do. In that, I go to bed with peace in my heart and I wake up thankful & ready to serve another day.

The main thing to focus on with the desire of acceptance is to find groups that will bring growth to your life. Make sure it is a constructive, not a destructive influence. Your spirit always knows the difference and often we will get burned if we choose to play with fire, however, if that is the lesson meant for you, just remember to keep improving each time you get to start a new or find a new group. Progression is what we are meant for in life and many times feeling acceptance is what will propel us into the progression of our life. But the successful combination is to have acceptance where it matters and with whom will also positively progress you in life. Be accepted by people that celebrate in and support your success. Having some of that only brings more of that!

Some of these influences I have had in the past could be seen as not the best choice of influence. However, great things still did come. I ended up meeting one of my best friends as well as Zak during the crazy clubbing times in early adulthood. Those two relationships have shown to be some of the most impactful relationships in my life. I also met said best friends future husband at a club to which I had a feeling they should meet, so I introduced them. They have a beautiful son together. So like anything, it is important what you walk away with. With and what you allow to have influence over you.

If you can accept the things that you allow to have influence over you, and you are proud… then keep up the good work! If you have areas that make you wonder, then find how you can grow through that situation and move on. Find what matters to you within acceptance but always know you are loved & accepted by the One that matters the most!

Also remember that as you want to be loved & accepted… so do others. So give the gift you also want to receive in life. We don’t have to agree with everything or even most things in another person to accept them as we all want to be accepted. It is just something that should be a birthright, like love. So we can’t expect to receive but not give. And if we do… see how many friends we have! Lol. If anything we are taught by God to be ultimate givers & expect nothing in return… as to what do we have to really offer God?! God has already offered it all to us! So just accept this abundance and each other! ❤️

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