Week 28: B for Believe

I had a few good words I thought to use this week, but I notice by living in the bible belt, the word believe means a lot to most of us… but I want to challenge the word a bit this week. I don’t want to take away from the beauty of belief because in reality all great things first come from an idea followed by a belief that it can be done. So belief is a beautiful thing. However, I think I know something that may be a bit better.

There is actually something about the word “believe” that I have pondered since I was in junior high and in high school. I like to look for another word within words or even break down compound words. For example… the word coincidence versus co-incidence as I mentioned back week 3. If you look at the words, they are the same word… it has just been altered to mean the complete opposites of each other. Now back to “belief” or in this case, “believe”. What I noticed within the word is the word “lie”. To me, that made it less pure or authentic. It made me think that there has to be something better than to just “believe”. And I knew it would come to me.


Now looking at the “lie” within “believe”. To me, it simply meant that in believing in something, there may be flaws. There may be another side of the story, opinion, or even truth. I felt it was important to go beyond believing, even though believing is the birth to something a bit deeper. There are times we may believe something or in something only to find out another truth or even a hidden truth. It doesn’t make us stupid. That’s life. What we can take from it is the awareness that other truths do exist. There may even be truths beyond the one you once believed and the new one recently learned. That’s all okay too. It is important what we do with this new information. Do we see it for the new truth(s) that it is? Or do we choose to ignore it because facing the truth may be too hard at the time?… or we may just be scared? Once again, I am thinking we have all been there by this time in our life.

I found this quote when looking up some things before writing this. I thought it was a good idea and something I feel will pop up in my head when I think of the word, “stupid”. I like good reminders like this and it happens to perfectly make sense with where I was going with this blog.


So then once again, what is better than to believe?! Then it dawned on me. Just like a light bulb going off… it is to know! In knowing, the idea that belief once was, it has evolved. It has grown from its infancy into something much grander. Belief has now added to it actual information to its existing idea and once we research it & also resonate with it, it turns into knowledge. This knowing surpasses belief. Knowing is a belief, but anchored. It has weight. It is grounded. There is conviction.


And with where I have found conviction in my life, there is little to no room for doubt. I am solid within what I now know because I have researched it. I have looked at a few different sides & perspectives. I apply that information to logical thought and innate guidance. If then, it still makes complete sense and is for the good of all humanity, then it is not only something I can believe in, it is something I know to be true.knowing-is-higher-than-believing-knowing-means-that-there-is-no-doubt-quote-1.jpg

On a spiritual level, I didn’t want to just believe in God like I was told. I wanted to know God! I wanted to understand how this amazing power not only creates & maintains us but works continuously in our lives for our better good. For us to be the best versions of ourselves while serving others the way that we are served by our Creator. Each day we awaken, each breath that we take… we are supported in our life. We have life at our fingertips should we choose to enjoy this ability to create in our own lives. This ability to create is from our Creator. The original teacher with unconditional & absolute love. The One we are always accepted by.

As acceptance was the topic last week, I mentioned that over the years, I struggled with acceptance in my life. It wasn’t acceptance with others, it was acceptance of myself as well as the abundance that we are all welcomed to and blessed to have in this life if we so choose. I also struggled with accepting life the way it was and at many times, the way I created it without realizing. Like most of us during challenging times, we wonder “Why me?”. I severely lacked the faith that all was in perfect order and divine timing. Not having this faith creates a huge form of anxiety in our lives. One that until I read about it recently, I never looked at as a form of pride. For me to hold onto and allow anxiety into my life was simply me being disconnected from Source and not trusting in divine order.

It has been a very long journey from believing I am supported by the Divine versus knowing I am supported by the Divine. It has taken some time for me to know that I was created from the greatness of God versus only believing it to be a possibility. I know through myself, I can achieve a few things… however I know that through God, all things are possible!


As far as within yourself, once we are able to accept and know that greatness of God that we come from and that we have the potential to be each day we are blessed to awaken… there comes a resonance & peace that is indescribable. When we are able to feel that stillness within, I feel that is where we really start to know ourselves. That is the core of us. Our stillness. Our connection to God and each other. It isn’t what we do for a living or our title as a parent. It is the flow of life within that is evident when we are still. That is us. That is God! I think it is better to know yourself & God versus only believing in both. Have a blessed week!



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