Week 29: C for Chiropractic

It is close to impossible for me to not talk about chiropractic for this post, however, the irony is it was one of the last words that popped into my mind. Definitely not for a lack of passion or desire, but I have been focusing on words that bring about emotions to all, as well as something everyone can relate to. Well, chiropractic is something that some people can relate to, however it needs to be something everyone relates to! As well as knows why they should not only relate, but go see a chiropractor on a regular basis.

No blame to the public, my profession as a whole has done a horrible job of teaching the world what chiropractic is. Really, most have been taught what chiropractic is not. I think if I share how chiropractic was founded, it would open your mind immediately to the possibilities within chiropractic. It is actually so much more simple than a good amount of chiropractors make it.

On September 18th, 1895, the first chiropractic adjustment restored a man’s hearing! Yep. It had nothing to do with neck or back pain. This first adjustment opened D.D. Palmer’s mind into what really occurred physiologically. Through research, he discovered that in removing interference from a nerve in Harvey Lillard’s neck, it restored his hearing.

The entire spine is made up of a cascade of nerves coming out both sides from head to what would be tail. D.D. began to understand that if these nerves are pinched or interfered with in any way, a decrease of function is possible and usually symptoms result in time. As he began to adjust people with various symptoms, disorders, and dis-eases… they began to see their health regained. Some right away whereas in others it took time and that time varied. Some saw changes in the symptoms they originally complained about, whereas others saw changes in other areas of life aside from their reported symptoms. Either way, something magnificent was happening and nothing from the outside was doing the job! It was all coming from the potential and power of the body to self-heal. What D.D. originally took as a cure for deafness, he realized was the cause for dis-ease.eda7f69ab4c8d77b2247ea37bb799b8a--office-quotes-work-quotes.jpg Then along comes B.J. Palmer, D.D.’s son. He took what his father discovered and further developed it into the principled practice that many chiropractors still uphold today. If you are lucky enough to find this rare gem of a chiropractor in your area, know they are upholding a sacred healing practice that is over 100 years old. They understand that they don’t need technological gadgets or the latest supplement to lead you to believe that is a sufficient way to heal. They understand thanks to B.J. Palmer that the power that made the body, heals the body. They know that through removing nerve interference in the spine, the body is better able to integrate it’s internal, as well as external environment on a much more dynamic scale. That is why one person living in a house may get sick while others never show any signs or symptoms of said sickness. That is because it is up to each of our bodies to do its own job. D.D. and B.J. Palmer understood this as well as how we all store our stress within our body. They also listened to the founding father of medicine as to the cause of dis-ease.


B.J. Palmer took it a few steps further. As he was getting sick people well in Iowa, word of what he was doing as well as other chiropractors in surrounding states was spreading like wildfire. People were flocking to B.J. to see what this thing called chiropractic was all about. One well-known person that utilized the power of chiropractic was Dr. Mayo. Dr. Mayo, from the Mayo Clinic, couldn’t figure out how to heal his wife despite having the best doctors & technology at that time. He heard about B.J. Palmer and this thing called chiropractic. He took his wife to be adjusted several times and in time, she got well.

Dr. Mayo saw that she got well with chiropractic and knew that she wasn’t getting well with medicine, but didn’t understand how adjusting the spine to remove nerve interference had anything to do with healing, health or the cause of dis-ease. Regardless of his understanding, B.J. Palmer got several referrals of cases that they could not solve at the Mayo Clinic. B.J. adjusted them, and most to all of them got well.

B.J. Palmer didn’t stop there. Through his father’s words, he too realized the connection between the brain and the body as well as the crucialness of the upper cervical region to be free from interference in order for proper communication to occur from the brain (our master control center) to the rest of the body. Over time, he had patients reporting changes within their mental status, not only physical changes. People that once suffered from anxiety & depression were no longer living that kind of life. There were a variety of mental disorders that B.J. and other doctors of chiropractic were seeing change within patients in their practices. This stemmed the idea for B.J. to work at Clearview Sanatarium. He had the goal to help get those kinds of sick people get well. And in time, he did just that.

It is reported that 85% of the people once institutionalized in that mental facility were able to be released to live normal lives once having and continuing chiropractic care. That is amazing if you think about it! Not only can chiropractic care help with things from the flu to fibroids, but it can connect the mind to work at the healthiest level for that individual as well!


In my opinion, the best thing that B.J. Palmer offered to the profession of chiropractic was that of the spiritual connection. These ideas were developed into the 33 principles of chiropractic. These 33 principles hold the explanation as well as deep truth as to why the body heals, how and what the cause of dis-ease is. It also outlines the limitations within chiropractic, as well as a general scope of practice. It is because of these 33 principles that chiropractors have been called weirdos, quacks and cultists. But when you look at what these principles share, it is the universal connection of God and the physical connection within each of us. Because of these principles, it creates an order as to why each human being is better living subluxation free than with subluxations. It explains why adjusting the spine is more powerful than any pill, potion or lotion could ever attempt to be.


power-that-made-the-body-decal-30-x-10-2.jpgIn the course of chiropractic’s history of now 124 years, the profession has gone in a few different directions as well as the education chiropractors obtain with their doctorate degree. Thankfully for me, I was blessed and honored to attend one of the best chiropractic schools in the world, Life University. This school was great because of its founding members and main founders, Dr. Sid E. Williams with loving support from his wife, Dr. Nell Williams. Starting small in 1974, Life College of Chiropractic grew into the what is called Life University today.

I started at Life University in 2002 when turmoil was still brewing with accreditation issues. These issues were stemming from some basic educational structural issues that needed to be addressed but mostly the desire for chiropractic to turn more medical based while leaving the very principles it was founded upon.  I was part of and a witness to the struggle to maintain the sacredness of our profession through the perseverance of one of the best schools still producing principled chiropractors. This struggle only made me cling tighter to the principles & purpose of chiropractic. So much so that I became anchored within the principles & purpose of chiropractic.

As far as accreditation was concerned, just like with the holiness of God, sacred things always prevail. And it did! Our accreditation was restored and even reverted as if it never occurred for those in limbo of obtaining their degrees. Mountains were moved and miracles happened. It is close to indescribable the order of events & things that had to align for the school to be saved, but it happened. And those that went to school with me, we became known as some of the many warriors within chiropractic. We held the faith and principles. We trusted in divine order even if we weren’t calling it that.

A great example of holding that trust came from Dr. Sid, the original founder of Life University. It was trust within chiropractic as a whole. Whether someone believed that chiropractic could help them, Dr. Sid knew it could. A perfect reflection upon last week’s blog of “believing versus knowing”. A famous quote from Dr. Sid is in relation to the universal principle, gravity.


He knew someone didn’t have to necessarily believe, they just needed to be adjusted to see for themselves. Considering the nervous system is the master control for life, having it free from interference will create a better life, whether you expect it or not. Whether you believe it or not. Dr. Sid also created something else pretty amazing before even starting Life University. He founded a seminar called Dynamic Essentials. This seminar is dedicated to spreading the message of the Lasting Purpose within chiropractic as well as what the Dynamic Essential really is. These are just a few things I also learned in school, but sadly others chiropractors may have not if they attended other schools.

Thankfully for me, I was saturated in this stuff. The Lasting Purpose of “To GIve, To Love, To Serve, and To Do” was ingrained in my heart from the first quarter of graduate school. It even took me many years after graduation to really understand how to live the complete Dynamic Essential despite attending the seminars off & on for over a dozen years. For me, this part had to develop as my relationship with God was strengthened. As you read the following, you will most likely understand why.

That is how I practice each day. Through the willingness, humbleness & obedience of God. As odd as it may sound, this is why I operate both offices on a walk-in basis once established as a new participant. I completely trust that God will create the perfect schedule for me. Bringing in exactly those that need served that day and connecting those lives one spine at a time. I know that whatever new patients are referred to me, they came because I was meant to not only serve them at least with one chiropractic adjustment, but hopefully educate them on the importance, power, potential, and purpose of chiropractic in each individuals life. I know that whether that person is expressing symptoms of headaches, back pain, fibromyalgia, asthma, diabetes; or whether it is a newborn, teenager, pregnant mom, elderly man or even an animal… they are better off living with a connected nervous system than a disconnected one. I am here to serve everyone, but mostly those that choose to benefit from the greatness chiropractic has to offer.

Another thing about chiropractic, I have never heard so many impactful and life-changing stories than I have within chiropractic. From not having to live institutionalized as a teenager until death, to coming off of life support, to awaiting for a lifeless child ready to die to jumping happily up & down in their crib the very next day… I have shared the success of chiropractic with those fellow gems that we still have within the profession. I have been a witness to others recognizing that the whole time they had been searching for something on the outside to solve their issues & heal their pains, they now finally experience they just needed something inside reconnected so that force could start to heal their life! As one practitioner, I have hundreds to thousands of stories over the years. If you take that and multiply it by the other chiropractors also making dynamic changes around the world, an awaking has been & continues to be taking place. And if those people in our offices are leading better lives, it is merely a ripple effect from there. Even if others are not getting adjusted, they too can benefit from the ones they are surrounded by that do choose to live more connected thanks to regular chiropractic care. And all this stemmed from one man with a vision…



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