Week 30: D for Discipline

This is something that is very easy to know the definition of or have a level of comprehension about, however, it is something entirely else to know how to apply it to your life for a successful outcome. Discipline isn’t something that can be thought of and it just happens. It takes work. It takes effort. It even takes failing and still having the discipline to get up, but mostly to not give up. As I get older, I am finding the successful ones are and always have been the ones not afraid to fail. The ones not afraid to be laughed at… or even look like the oddball. The ones that reach the top are the ones that first, were more than likely familiar with the practice of discipline.

As I think back to things in my life that have required discipline, the main things that stand out are getting through each level of school & completing a graduate-level, holding down jobs, diets & cleansing, marriage, motherhood, being a business owner and overall perseverance. I know there are so many more things that have gone on in my life that require discipline, but all of the victories and moments to be proud of are all things that require discipline.

As I mentioned already, discipline isn’t something that can just be thought of and… poof…  it is done. Discipline is actually the furthest thing from spontaneous shifts. Discipline is long term. It is something that isn’t just one decision. It is often a decision made day after day or even moment to moment. With discipline comes commitment.


One of my mentors in chiropractic, Dr. Sid, would always say, “Do what you have to do when you have to do it, whether you want to or not.” This is a mantra to me at times where I want to slack in discipline. I remind myself that if I want what I say I want, then actions are the only way to get there. That doesn’t happen by sitting on our butts thinking it will happen on its own. It takes action. It takes commitment. Then it allows for discipline. With discipline, we become focused. We can even become one-tracked. We repeat what needs to be done in order to reach the end goal.

This doesn’t mean to become like robots. This simply means follow through. Now if you are anything like me, I have what I think are grand ideas all of the time. As these thoughts settle, some may be worth going further with while others aren’t worth the energy & time. In this case, it doesn’t mean I failed. It just means that I shifted through what may hold more worthiness in whatever way and feel that is the right path to take from there. Then I am usually guided. By intuition. A sign. A vision or a dream. Something almost divine happens and I get this feeling that this is my mission. This is the next path where I step forward to see where it takes me. In that, there is nothing robotic about it. Quite the opposite actually. It may seem like an odd combination. To be disciplined yet intuitively guided by spirit at the same time? I don’t know. It is just how it is for me as I am sure you have a different equation for success.

No matter what that equation is for you, stick to it. If you don’t know or realize that you have an equation… look back on when you feel you achieved something great. What did it take to get there? I am guessing discipline is somewhere in the equation as well. How did it feel to reach that goal? Would you like to experience more on that level in your life? If so, the odds are you just need an idea followed through by commitment and shown through the actions of discipline. Then, you will see your goals and accomplishments met. You will feel that feeling all over again.


I used to think that being a doctor of chiropractic and having a successful practice was the top of my goals & accomplishments in life. As I saw the numerous ways that one can serve through chiropractic, it made me want to dabble a bit in what appeals to me. I am just on the beginning path of branching out, but I had dreams beyond my dreams. Dreams I didn’t anticipate having… but once I had that feeling of success & accomplishment, I wanted to experience more of that. Because I know for me, feeling accomplished means changing lives. I have a cascade of dreams that will help so many in humanity, but it will take patience, perseverance& discipline for it to become a reality.


One of the other things I have found true within discipline is that when we stick to what we hold value to. Follow through where it really matters, life just flows better. When we eat right daily, our food acts as fuel for our bodies allowing it to function better. When we continue to go to church, we are able to more regularly hear inspirational messages that keep us on track. When we get adjusted regularly, we are able to function at our best. When we stick to our goals and follow-through, we can go to bed with peace at night knowing we tried our best.

That is really the best thing to take away from all of this. If you stay disciplined in trying your best, then you are winning at your game in life! Even the best that “failed” tried again or tried something else to find success. That is all we need to do. That is the best way we can apply discipline in all ways in our life. I am disciplined in doing my very best! How about you?!


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