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Week 32: F for Faith

Faith is something that usually goes hand in hand in religion. It is easy to see why the two are connected. Faith in God is the most well-known faith that exits. However, you can have faith and live by faith without having to belong to a church or be a “bible thumper” as some may say. We can have faith in God or whatever religious doctrine of our choosing, or we could have faith in someone or in a situation. Either way, with faith, comes a trust of the better good being the outcome. Faith comes with a trust that everything will be okay. Faith is a practice. We may need to be reminded that all is well, but then with faith… a calming comes and we know all is well.


For me, one thing I have found faith in is that I don’t know everything. It is amazing how calm you can become in knowing that there are times you may be correct or know what you are talking about while others you don’t have a clue, even if you think you do. It is a very humbling experience and a freeing one mostly. I am okay with learning differently from what I already know. I am okay with changing my point of view to possibly allow a different perspective on the same situation. I am okay with not knowing a thing about many subjects in life. I don’t have to know it all nor am I expected to. But, I am ready to learn.

I also have faith that things I once believed to be true, may change as we change or even as the world does. All of that is okay. It doesn’t mean that faith was false because I once believed in something that shifted. It means that I am smart enough to know that I can anchor my energy into something and it is okay if it changes. It is merely an opportunity to grow, evolve or at least get out of our comfort zone for reflection. It doesn’t mean faith is lost.


 We can have faiths that change as we can have faiths that remain the same throughout our life. All of it is a matter of perspective and personal conviction. As we grow with life experiences and in time, our perspective can often change. In that, we may feel more convicted to act a certain way or be around a certain group of people. Hopefully, as we move through life, we become more enlightened and have faith in more appropriate and local things. I remember being a teenage having so much faith in my friends or even an ex-boyfriend only to be let down. It wasn’t that I shouldn’t have faith in my life. It was more like I needed to learn discernment and who I could have faith in.

Where we choose to put our faith is actually a reflection of the person we are becoming or will become in the future. For example, if we put our faith in a group of friends that make unhealthy choices, then we should expect unfavorable outcomes for the majority of the time. If we put our faith in something that is positive and uplifting, then a more positive and purposeful outcome will most likely be what occurs. This is the basis of the law of attraction. What we put out, we attract. Who we surround ourselves by, we are associated with. That is the kind of life that will be attracted. It is that simple.

Some people, in general, may have faith thinking things will turn out in their favor & the way they see fit, but when it doesn’t happen that way… they lose that faith.  In reality, that was never faith. That was hope with expectations. There is a big difference there.

Faith is everlasting. Faith is knowing that even though it isn’t how we see it, it is still okay. There is a divine order to it all. Faith is a presence. It is a state of being. It isn’t something that we can pick and choose situation by situation. It is continual and constant. Despite times of challenge in our faith, I know that it is all for my common good. It is for the betterment of myself and others involved. And if I don’t get what I hope for (aka want), then I know that if it wasn’t that… it will be something better. Seeing life like this and having faith is something that the results speak for itself when I reflect on my life. I go through hard & tough times as we all do. I did not have this faith when Sophia was passing away. I allowed others to take my faith, but it is something that we can reclaim. We can relive and we can rebirth our lives. All it takes is a little faith!





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