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Week 33: G for Gratitude

From the small things to the radical things, gratitude is something that we should have each day and throughout our life. I feel we often think we are grateful, but if we really reflect… how often do we actually express our gratitude? Also, how do we show our gratitude towards others and the world?! These two simple questions are a good, self-check in regards to expressing gratitude. It is important to not only be aware, but that also honor all to which we receive. It’s great to offer return blessings in some way to those that blessed us. Even if just through pure, loving thought or an uplifting prayer.


Aside from gratitude being an act, gratitude can also be a tool. By the right people, it can be understood and applied to make some of the most profound life changes possible. I am proof. I have used gratitude in many forms to better myself. For me, gratitude is an attitude of abundance versus just saying thanks. It is a way of looking at the world of plenty and knowing that with changed hearts & persistence, betterment happens all over, each and every day! Which leads to a few of the specific ways I used gratitude to change my life for the better.

To live a life of fullness, I knew that I needed to break my old habits of limited thinking. When I would catch myself in a limiting thought, I would choose to bring it back to gratitude and find something to be thankful for. I wouldn’t let my consciousness hold onto the limiting thought as long as I was aware and had the power to change. In time, I started catching myself sooner and sooner. My limited thoughts started lasting shorter time frames as well as happening less frequently overall. I could see the shift inside reflecting on the outside of my life. I started to see how much the way I was looking at things was what was creating the problem. Merely shifting my perspective would often reveal there was never really a conflict in the first place! The conflict was all coming from within.

Another way that I have used gratitude to better my life is by focusing it into my thoughts so that they become like that of prayer. Our thoughts are our prayers and with that, I want mine to be of thanks. I want mine to be of awareness. I want mine to have meaning & depth. There are times I catch myself in random thoughts or even judgment of situations or others. I put on the brakes as fast as I can so that way I can U-turn my thoughts into something that matters. Something that will make a difference for the better in my life and considering we are all connected, something that will make a difference for all.

It is true that more I offer gratitude in my life, I have more things to be grateful for. In writing this a few weeks past due, this blog happened to be written the same week of an anniversary of mine. I don’t think it was a coincidence. Eight years ago this week, my daughter suddenly had a seizure in my arms & stopped breathing. We rushed her to the ER to find out that she has a brain tumor, soon to be diagnosed as PNET brain cancer, and were told she wasn’t going to make it through the night. Thank god she did, but that date is forever imprinted in my memory. It was the day that my entire life changed and since then, I have never been able to nor will ever be able to go back. It not only changed my life, but it changed me. The very core of me.


Looking back eight years and having rebuilt my life after Sophia’s passing, I am grateful. Not for missing her or what she had to endure, but I am grateful that I found a way to still see all I had to be grateful for and choose to still move forward. I am grateful that I have this wonderful thing called chiropractic in my life to which it has brought me some of the best friends & mentors, but also I was taught to serve my way through the tough times. To get outside of yourself and still give from your abundance even though you feel you have nothing left to give. Here is the trick, it isn’t our abundance. It is God’s abundance moving through us and in our lives. It is present always. It is available always. But not if you don’t believe it so. Not if you don’t practice this truth. Once again, it is all about the perspective taken.

Overall, I am grateful for so much!! All that my family has overcome. In all the ways that we have grown. Now having Lily in our lives, even though things will never be the way they were… things somehow feel as complete as I think they could. A lot has happened in eight years. The reunion with the love of my life, seeing Eva & Lily grow into the uniqueness of who they are, building 2 locations for my chiropractic office, continuing to move forward in business, watching my community become more connected with chiropractic, connecting with 2 amazing churches in the community, witnessing healing within myself, creating abundance in my life and more  are all highlights of what has transpired in my life in the past eight years. But it all comes down to one thing… focusing on gratitude instead of lack.

When I focused on lack, that is what I was abundant in. When I focus on being thankful, I find more and more to be thankful for. We, especially, live in a place of abundance beyond what we may think or feel. Even at our lowest, we are most likely still higher than many other people in this world yet they may still offer more abundance in their life with lack in comparison. So choose to change your perspective. Choose to change towards gratitude. You will see your world shift into the abundance you deserve!




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