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Week 34: H for Highlights

This may seem like an odd word for the week as well as the word holding different meanings. In this context, I am speaking about the “highlight reels of life”. Especially with social media today, seeing other’s highlight reels makes us think that people have dreamy, near-perfect lives. Rarely do people post what their life really is. They post what they want to celebrate, what looks good, where they vacation & spend holidays, when they dress to look better than normal. Or… they post when tragic things happen or even times support is needed, but most people use this platform to form what they want their life to be. What they want to see their own life as. Nevermind trying to fool everyone else. We need to make sure we aren’t trying to fool ourselves!

Seriously, even if we post what we eat & drink, it still doesn’t mean it is the entirety of our life. It’s only the highlights. That is why I wanted to cover this. I think most of us are guilty of most, if not all of the above. Some of us have checked ourselves and have spent some time unplugged. I feel it’s good to recognize what each social media platform’s purpose is specifically for you and be sure to stick to that purpose. If the purpose is actually sharing highlights, then make sure you are still being genuine with them as others may see these posts and compare their own lives feeling lesser. Not that we should have to limit sharing our favorite life moments, however, humbleness should always be present in life as well as when on social media.


I attended a conference at one of the churches I attend each week and one of the speakers brought this up. How we share our highlight reels or we share the tragedies of our life. I feel it was divine order considering I already had most of this blog written. She mentioned that when we often share the tough times of our lives, we are sharing from our wounds versus our scars. I thought that was a very powerful statement that very much holds truth. What I feel she means by that is we often share from such a place of vulnerability, confusion & helplessness that in return, we will not get the help we are needing nor wanting. Despite people leaving positive messages and sending love, it really doesn’t change anything. It only offers exposure and can leave us feeling even more empty.

However, with scars, there is at least an initial time to heal. We don’t have fresh, gaping wounds that often leave us not seeing the situation for what it is or solution for what is being offered. Think about this…. sometimes if we allowed a few hours, days or even a week for something to play itself out, or even for us to gain a new perspective, how different would our response be?! I  know personally speaking, very different as this is something I have learned in life through many hardships. There have been countless times that I have wanted to blast my emotions on Facebook, but when I forced myself to reflect instead of react, there were very different outcomes.

When we share from our scars, we are sharing the new strength that is forming. We are sharing from a place where healing has already begun. When scar tissue forms, it is stronger and has more resistance the tissue that previously existed. So for me, scars are just an opportunity to check things off a list of things I have endured and still persevered through. That is so much more powerful and inspiring to ourselves & others than sharing from complete emptiness. A void.

If we need our cup filled or someone to help it from flowing over, we have every right to ask for help. But who we ask and what we are asking for needs to be realistic. I have found, too often, that a decision I was making was causing the despair of my reality. I kept wondering why it wouldn’t change and why I kept going through the same hardships. Then I got beyond real with myself. I exposed the realities of my life to myself. When we are reflecting upon betterment of ourselves, there is no better time than to expose ourselves. This is the only way that real growth will occur! It is uncomfortable. It is hard to reflect at times. But if change and improvement is the true desire, then this is the way. As well as the way to long-lasting changes in life! This is the way to have more highlights in your reel!

Now even though I just spent the past few paragraphs trying to add a different perspective to the highlight reels in life, let me now step back a moment. Highlight reels are important! We actually want to achieve as many highlight reels in life as possible. But we need to do it for us, not for what we can show or tell other people. When we are lucky enough to keep adding highlights into our life, we are living more on purpose. We are enjoying and celebrating what we have been blessed with and the more we recognize and celebrate the brilliance in the world, the more highlights that will keep coming our way!


When I sit back and think about what are considered the highlights of my life, I smile with satisfaction, accomplishment and joy. I am also excited to see where life is going from here, but that is the key. I see it for the past it was and for the future it will bring. I see it for the journey it has been and will be ahead, not the highlights alone. I have pride in the journey that occurred between the highlights more than the highlights themselves.  That may sound crazy, but that is where growth within me happened. That is where I recognized struggled, moved through obstacles and broke down barriers. That is where it was uncomfortable, but I got comfortable with growing from the conflict. This is where it all matters.

This is also where we can reflect and see how we may have made it easier on ourselves or made better decisions. It is important to not come from a place of regret, but from a place of compassion & better understanding of ourselves. Having radical gratitude at this time is a fantastic option as well. It allows us to offer thanks for the hard & trying times as they have taught and formed un into exactly who we are meant to be.

The purpose of life is life itself! It is being conscious and recognizing our connection to all things. When we live with an understanding of this connection, we see how much more there is to celebrate. The seasons, other people’s accomplishments, animals in nature playing, a sunset or sunrise, a stranger’s smile, kids playing in the park,  a crowd enjoying a concert, dancers sharing their art on stage and so much more are all things that inspire me when I am in its presence. These are things that I often took for granted, but after understanding the connection we have to everything, I would rather celebrate in it versus letting it pass me by. Just the awareness of these moments add highlight to our reels in life! What do you want to flashback and see? The truth of your brilliance… or a half-lived life?! Share your music with the world!


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