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Week 35: I for Inspiration

I love this word as it holds great meaning for me, thanks to Dr. Wayne Dyer. He has a book called “Inspiration” that I love & listen to on audiobook in the van from time to time. It is one of the most impactful and life-changing books I have ever encountered. For me, it made so many things make sense while offering common-sense solutions that changed the way I think, what I think about and how thinking impacts my life. It allowed me to understand living an inspired life, is living a life full of spirit.

Over time, I have found inspiration in all kinds of various forms. It really doesn’t take much to inspire me after hearing this book. I feel I am least inspired in one way each day. The easiest place I see inspiration is in nature, in children and in pets. I think the main reason is it is obviously life. I can see the presence of God. Especially in nature, I see consistency, effortlessness & lack of stress. Nature has no worry that the season won’t be completed as well as no concern for what tomorrow may bring, even if a storm is brewing. With children, I see their innocence and growth. I see the potential and uniqueness. With animals, I see unconditional love and innateness. Overall, seeing God in these ways allows me to feel spirit within. I am then, therefore… inspired.

One thing that was challenging to find inspiration in through the years is other adults. Certain kinds of adults. One’s that I held a stereotype against even though I grew up despising being stereotyped myself. But what I learned over the years is I held a stereotype and dislike for those who once hurt me. If I was hurt by someone in my own social circle, it was somehow like it didn’t count because they were within my own click. I would still let many of those kind in to do it all over again. It is crazy how we can fool ourselves growing up and not see that each person in the world really has an equal opportunity. Equal opportunity to treat us well, or treat us not so well. In my case, I put walls up against the other “kinds” of people that hurt me. It took me a while to realize how out of integrity I was. But a bit longer to do something about it in a dynamic way.

Moving to Tennessee was one of the main things that made me wake up. Mainly because aside from my dad being the main reason I am here, I had a stereotype against the reason why he was here. My dad always wanted to move to Tennessee since I was a little girl. It was his dream. He just didn’t know where in Tennessee. Years down the road and fast-forwarding to me going to graduate school, he relocates to the Upper Cumberland area of Tennessee with my stepmom at the time, because this was where her kids & ex-husband lived as well. So aside from the beautiful mountains, lakes, creeks, waterfalls, countryside and more… this area is also known for its low cost of living. Another thing this area is sadly known for is addiction. In fact, Celina was one of the highest distributing cities in America with Oxycotins as of years past. And that was the stereotype I developed. Ones against addicts and anyone who looked like an addict. Not because I grew up in this area to say the hurt in my life came directly from this place, but simply because this was where that reminder in my life now was. That reminder that I had been trying to escape my entire life.

Whether it had been to surround myself by people that were the farthest from that reminder or to marry into a family that I thought addiction would never be an issue, I refused to go back to that kind of life or people. Until I was basically faced with it regardless of what I wanted fro my environment. Of course at first there is resistance, anger and distance. But I let something wonderful in that changed it all. I let spirit in. I let spirit show me that anyone struggling with addiction is just a hurt person. And often hurt beyond what they feel is repairable. So who am I to judge? Who am I to expect something from the wounded?! As I let spirit reside for longer and longer incriments of time within me, I started to see a shift in my perception. I no longer had anger for addicts or towards some people that are now my ex-step family. I started to see them with the spark of life and hopeful miracle of God that they were created as.

As I grew in this each day, my vision of those that once hurt me became clearer and clearer. How I saw them was clearer. I could surround these people with love, light and genuine hope for a better life outcome. I could pray with gratitude that improvements in some ways were being made in their life dispite any current connection to me. All of this was because I let spirit in. I let spirit show me spirit in others. Spirit in all. Then, it is undeniable. I have no choice but to love all that I see and all that I know. When I choose to love them from afar, I don’t take challenges in their life personally into mine. I know that helps make it a bit easier, but in this case… I can have compassion, empathy and know that it has nothing to do with me. But how I choose to respond to anything has everything to do with me. And I choose to try sit with spirit before I sit in judgement of others when possible. As I am human as get off track. It is a goal of mine to stay on the positive and more purposeful track.

So that was an example of how a life challenge can alter with inspiration and living in spirit, but what are some of the things that inspire you?! Think of one of the biggest inspirations in your life. How does that make you feel? Do you feel the warmth & the serge of energy within you? Do you recognize how, with that thought and remembrance, something shifted within you? That is what I am referring to as living with spirit. Having that serge within you. Feeling that something that is greater than yourself, yet is still within! That connection is holy. That connection is life moving through us. That life is connected to God, therefore we can obtain spirit through doing things that inspire us. Find what that is for yourself and start doing more of it. Find different things that inspire you and do more of that too. We deserve to live an abundant life. A life worth living, but we have to do it through love. And mostly, we have to be inspired (in spirit) to make a change!

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