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Week 49: W for Whole

Feeling whole is something that we all hope to attain in our life. The sooner the better once we realize it is a goal. And then life keeps happening. Often tragic events and hardships in life make us feel defeated to where we feel less than whole. We could feel lost, alone, unsure, hopeless and more as life happens. Sadly it oftens takes many years of processing before we can look back and see that tragedy can bring beauty to life over time. It is the aspects of life’s darknesses that can bring the brighter hues of light into our lives. We often feel that these dark aspects of ourselves are what keep us from being whole, but really it is what enriches us as spiritual beings. It completes us and aids in us getting the big idea out of life.

Life can be hard. It can feel like a test. But the ones that usually win the game are called champions. That is what we need to be in life. Champions. We need to look at life the way a champion looks at the game. We need to see the end of the game as winning without a doubt. No matter the trials, possible injuries, sacrifices… it will all be worth it to win in the end. Is that how you approach life?! With that kind of vigor? If the answer is no, that is okay. Honestly, I am finally starting to muster up that kind of perspective to life myself. However, I have seen time and time again that the ones that come out on the top of life, really enjoying it to the fullest… they are also the ones that do not put limitations up in their mind. Without limitations… we are whole!

I think as we get older, if we are lucky… we begin to realize that we have been whole the entire time. It is just up to us to recognize it already existed & go from there. Often we may not feel whole, but we are. If you think about “feeling” anything, it is often a temporary moment. It is often short lived and usually never long lasting. However, being something isn’t temporary. Being something is something. Not a feeling. Being is the very essence of it’s existence. Therefore, our existence is being whole! So don’t fear that it is something that will never be attained. It is within you this very moment and always has been. It also always will be.

Wholeness is something that doesn’t and never will come from an outside source. Much like health, it is always from within. From time and experience, I have learned being whole is a state of mind. A choice that we can make at any point. I often choose meditation or a form of prayer to reconnect to God and myself. After practice with this over time, it took less & less time for me to have the confirmation of wholeness within my being. To feel settled, connected and complete. I now know that in my hardest moments, I just need to shift my priority to reconnecting to what already exists within myself. Then… all will be well. I remember I am whole.

I feel that the reasons we go through our hardships are to teach us about being whole. To lead us on the search for it even though it is already there. Like the quote above says, it is all about restoration. When we have rough moments, it is normal that we take the needed time to catch our breath. That doesn’t mean we are less whole because we are human. It just reaffirms that we are still whole in moments of hardship. We have the tools to breathe, reconnect, reprioritize, reorganize and more. These are all tools for limitlessness. Beyond being whole. And they are available to us always.

With that I leave you in the thought of what is above wholeness? I am guessing abundance. So at times when you feel that you are far from whole, remiind yourself that you are always existing in abundance instead. You are beyond what you came into this world as. The sooner we all recognize the wholeness with abundance we all possess, the world will attain the peace it continually desires.

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