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Week 48: V for Vision

It has been awhile since I have been able to take the time to write. Some good distractions, some stressful events and a few sad ones as well is what has occupied my time. I have been overwhelmingly taken away from this project that I hold dear to my heart, but am back to finish off the year the right way. Many things have transpired since I was last able to write. For an update, in a nutshell, I moved one of my office locations to a much larger, accomidating and goreous space! It was a stressful process with everything that was entailed, but it came out wonderfully in the end. I am just honored to share this beautiful and sacred space with those I am blessed to serve. Aside from my office relocation, I have been traveling a lot for my continuing education courses as well as for my grandfather’s funeral. I also am now homeschooling both of my girls, so the stress of the initial change and figuring it out has been time consuming as well.

However, I have always been a person of perseverence and I realized there is no reason I can’t do my best with what I still got. So here goes. I am going to start at what week we would be at even though we have skipped quite a few letters in our alphabet. I have already assigned topics to the weeks missed and I will do my best to go back and complete them in time. In the mean time… what a great topic for this week considering all I just mentioned.

Vision is something I held in my desire to complete this year’s writing project. Vision is something that I used over the years to achieve many great things into my life. It is something that was taught to me and continually is something that I am learning to perfect. I will share a few things I have learned as well as what I keep discovering along the way.

In order for anything to become a reality for me, I first have to see it. Then, I know it is a possibility. Then, I usually go from there. I think about what it would be like to be in that vision. For that vision to be current time present. What does it feel like to be there? Both physically and emotionally. Who is with me? How do I feel accomplishing what I once saw in my mind? Then, I check in with myself to make sure it is something that I believe. Do I really want it? Or am I just making stuff up? Innate is great at letting us know authenticity instantly. When I see something, know it is something that I really want… then it is achieveable. I am ready to go after it and see in real life what my mind saw.

It has been shown time and time again that what the mind can see, you can achieve. The most successful people throughout history all started first with a vision. Then came a plan, then action with follow through, maybe even failure with a retry, but eventually also came success! Two of my favorite “P” words very much apply when talking about vision. Perspective and perseverence are two major things that also lead to vision becoming reality. How you look at something as well as how you choose to dust yourself off and try again are both key ingredients in achievement.

Another way that we can think about vision is in the sense of premenitions. Visions can also be something that people can have that tells them the path to take. This is different than creating a vision and turning it into a reality. Yet, for me these kinds of visions, I often turn into a reality. I feel that they are God & my innate’s way of guiding me in the right direction while utilizing me at a higher purpose. I have had many visions over the years. It wasn’t until the past few years that I have recognized them for what they are and trusted them. It has been amazing to see the unfolding in life that has come with the faith in these messages.

A more direct way that we can look at vision is by it meaning what we see. How we look at something. It is our vision upon something. Seeing is just that. What we see. Vision has depth. It goes beyond what we can see. Vision creates, rearranges, makes the improbable happen and the impossible possible. When we each tap into the gift of our vision, we can better express our uniqueness to the world because none of us have the exact same perspective as well as none of us see exactly the same way. This is how we can each contribute our individual greatness collectivelly in the world.

Now that a few different versions of vision have been mentioned, what is vision to you? What do you see that is inspiring and will make a difference? What can you dream of that can become reality? Thanks to the freedom and life we live here in this country, in comparrison… there are no boundaries. Only the limitations we put upon ourselves. So don’t hold back. What can you see and what are you willing to do to make it happen? Now go for it!

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