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Week 36: J for Justice

Now I am starting to work backwards. Week 36 was the week that I stopped writing. As I begin to write current weeks again, I will go back to touch on the weeks missed. So thankfully, I am ready to let the creative juices flow in overload in order to complete this year’s project.

Oddly enough and somewhat planned, originally this post was meant for the week of 9/11. I thought “justice” was a perfect topic considering we have had many years to heal and reflect as a nation. Like any normal human being, when we are wronged… all we want is justice. We know that we can never go back, but at least justice can make us feel like we are somewhat even, karma has been completed or punishment is being served.

I don’t think that justice will ever be served in this area. Not becasue of the theories that exist on who actually did it or if the real Bin Ladin was actually killed, but because I am not sure justice can ever be served. Anytime. During any instance.

I am sure that you could agree that when we have a trauma happen in our lives, it is damaging. It often changes us. We can have scars that create issues in our lives that didn’t exist before. These scars can look like addictions, bad behavior patterns, destructive choices and even denial. These scars can be disguised in many ways as well. The bottom line is… they exist. In all of us. Heck, in some people… they never turn into scars as they remain gaping wounds that are still desperatly needing the inital healing to begin. So how can justice ever be met when this becomes our new form of existence?!

Think of all of the wars that have been started by someone feeling the need for justice. Now think of all of the lives that have been sacrficed for the same reason. Next, think of the families that lost their loved one because someone or a group of people felt that justice needed to be served. Now… how can you ever come back from that? Is there ever a recovery point? I see it more as a ripple effect that keeps going as we will always quench justice, but it will never be served. But the desire for it will for sure continue to destroy aspects of family’s lives.

Like with each week, I like to look up the definition of what I am writing about. One aspect of the definition that I thought was interesting was “righteousness”. It also gave the definition of “conformity of truth, fact or reason”. I never knew this aspect of justice. I just thought of it as an “eye for an eye” kind of thing. But seeing the aspect of conformity to reason and righteousness, it makes more sense as to what my innate is telling me on justice.

I started to wonder if justice is just an idea that was created in attempt to make us sleep better at night. It is something we allow into our own lives & feel that if our boss, neighbor, coworker, spouse, ect. wrongs us in any way… then we are entitled to be paid back in some way. I don’t think this is so much an innate response as feeling hurt is. Wanting revenge or justice is what happens when our ego comes into play. Now, we all know that there isn’t much good that comes from living in ego.

I found this quote by the pope and although I can understand his point of view and agree in many ways, my instinct feels it isn’t right. As I really looked into this unsettling feeling, I soon realized that aside from feeling like justice is more of an illusion, I feel that if you want peace… work for peace! Don’t work for something else that attempts to gain control of someone else. That will only lead to diappointment. To me, peace is from within. If we all collectively choose to attain peace from within each of us, the obvious result would be peace throughout. So how does it make sense that justice will bring peace? Justice bring more wars, more resistance and more sides to choose. I think starting with peace is the ultimate form of justice. It takes the power away from anyone on the outside!

Honestly, I didn’t really think about justice the way it is coming out in the article until I started writing. I had a vague presence of this concept, but I am learning the depth to which it really resonates within me. Justice is possibly an illusion when we are on earth?!

Now, maybe when we meet God, we may be better able to understand how karma works. One of the best explainations that I heard was “karma is simply memory”. That makes a lot of sense in how I look at justice as a whole. It isn’t up to us as individuals to play God. It is up to us as individuals to connect to God, live at our highest purpose and have faith in this journey called life.

Also, if karma is memory then justice is current. Moment to moment or even in advance, it is being carried out based on how we choose to live our lives. It is and has always been up to us. So if you think something isn’t fair, maybe instead of seeking justice… try changing your persepctive. It is something you will have more control over while offering long lasting results in comparison.

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