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Week 37: K for Knowledge

For this week’s flashback, we are going to talk about “knowledge”. In a previous blog this year I wrote about “B for Believe”. In that blog, I wrote about the difference of knowing versus believing. I took the prespective of desiring to know things in life instead of just believing. After many years of life experience, “to know” seemed to hold more weight than “to believe”. Feel free to go back to that blog to refresh your memory or to add to this blog, however I am going to continue along this similar mindset and hopefully beyond.

I think for most of us, we are young when the importance of obtaining information gets brought to our awareness. Kindergarden starts for most at the age of 5 and pre-K is for 4 years olds as well. So, from this age and even earlier, we are taught that we need to remember things, repeat things and build on the things we start to know. As we grow, some people obtain a desire for further knowledge. Others may think they know it all the older they get. For me, the older I get and the more that I learn… I feel I am have so far to go compared to what is out there. I feel I know nothing in comparison to what there is to know.

It is a vast world full of wisdom and also full of crap in many ways. It takes knowing & understanding to overcome the crap that has become part of this world. What has become crap per say is most of the time a lack of information, awareness or even connection to caring. It takes tolerance, love and patience to make a real difference and often it can be hard to hold those values when we don’t have an understanding behind why something is being done. In order to understand, we have to have knowledge. In order to have knowledge, we do not only need research, data and other information, but also the knowledge that comes from life experiences as well. Case studies, for instance, are great examples of life experiences played out from infromation, previous forms of research or data. This is what more reflects rela life examples versus only statisitics or data obtained from a laboratory. Case studies and life experiences not only have the ability to teach us more, but have us own the information to where is becomes a knowing versus a belief.

Knowledge in latin is “gnosis”. In chiropractic school, we learned latin root words for medical terminology. In that class, I also leaned the real meaning of the word, “diagnosis”. Since “gnosis” means “knowledge”, “di” mans “two”, and using the prefix “a” before a latin root means “no or not”. So the word “diagnosis” actually means “two (people) do not know”! Amazing the perspective that you can take on that one now! What I once thought was very needed information to find a solution really ends up being 2 people guessing?! This was proof that it was knowledge I searched for versus a belief system.

It is things like that that allow me the openness to let go of my previous beliefs and open myself up to possibilities. The more I learn, I realize that words and experiences all hold different meanings & difference perspectives accordingly. This awareness is a great detachment from what I previously held onto in order to feel right. I no longer care about things like that. I care about truth and individual truth as well. What I mean by that is truth to each of us. We all have our own truths and should have the freedom to do so unless these truths harm others. I care about the freedom in our lives and in our minds. That kind of freedom can only come with knowledge.

So many things can come with and through knowledge. Peace, love, compassion, action and more are always expressed following the awareness or knowledge of something. As I said before, knowledge is vast. Just like God, the universe & the heavens… we have no idea exactly when it all began or when it will all end… if ever.

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