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Week 50: X for X-ray

As the weeks come to an end, so does the alphabet thankfully as the last few letters can be challenging to come up with subjects for. So for this week, we are going to talk about x-rays from a different perspective and also a connected subject as well. As a chiropractor, I will address the obvious & what is thought of with x-rays first.

Many times I am asked if I take X-rays when people are wanting to come in for care. I am never sure what answer they are searching for, but I answer based on my intentions in practice. One of my main intentions is to do no harm. Although x-rays can hold valuable information for the practioner, as well as serve as a great educational tool for the pateint if they understand what is being shown & explained, they also provide an element of radiation which in time and with over exposure, could lead to serious health issues iincluding cancer. To some practioners and patients, the risks outweigh the benefits. Especially if a chiropractor uses them in their technique of practice, it is more understood.

With the appraoch and techniques that I use, I do not need x-rays to analyze the subluxation in the spine when I adjust. X-rays are also a moment in time. After the initial x-ray, more stress and impact will come to the body. More stress patterns will form and the body will hold these patterns of distortion from head to toe. An x-ray will show information in the spine for sure, but I feel that I can help make a great impact within reducing nerve interference in the spine without obtaining information from an x-ray. Also, as someone continues to recieve regular chiropractic care, their spine should change from what that x-ray showed. That is the goal for chiroprators and seeing that change. However, I like to offer other ways of showing progress in my office and am always working on better ways to improve education in my office.

Aside from educating the patient, another important reason in taking x-rays is to know where possible birth malformations or injuries may exist. If a chiropractor would choose to use a high force during the adjustment, there could be more at risk for an adverse reaction without the awareness of what is going on. For me, I utilize the least amount of force possible to make the most dynamic change in the body. I feel that when the body is already storing stress, therefore it doesn’t make sense to match the level of stored stress with force. Instead, I was taught to match the tone and let the body do most of the work and then watch the dynamic changes that follow.

Now, on to the main reason I do not prefer to take x-rays is due to the element of radiation exposure, not only for the patient, but for the person taking the x-ray as well. I do not want to do anything that could create a genetic mutation to possibly expose diseases such as cancer down the road. I also want to say, however, that we choose many things in our digital lifestyles these days that create similar to even worse dangers in radiation & genetic mutation. Most of all, many people don’t even realize it!

With that, let’s talk about cell phones. It is often we fall asleep with cell phones by our heads, on our beds or even on a night stand close to our proximity in sleeping. We don’t think about the waves that are being emmited. Not only with a tower connection, but also with wifi and bluetooth connections. This has become a serious source of dysfunction and dis-ease in many people today.

When we experience symptoms, there are always underlying reasons. We can ignore them or mask them somehow… or we can look at the 3 main underying causes to our dysfunction. First, get checked for nerve interference that is caused from a storage of stress. Next, look at the things ingested that our bodies may not be integrating well. Last by not least, we need to pay attention to outside environmental factors. All of these are the main key contributing factors to our health, how we function and our overall quality of life.

This week, be sure to check in with yourself on all the ways that you may be radiating yourself. Not just with cell phones, but with common household appliances, computers, iPads, iPods, televisions and video games. All of these and other electronic devices emit EMF’s which is a form of radiation and they are impeding on our health without obvious awareness. It is very easy to not be aware things that are not obvious and in this case, are not really seen. We do not see the frequncies and wavelengths that are put off by these electronic devices and how they effect our bodies on a regular, day to day basis. So with that, it is usually the most overlooked and last thing paid attention to. But it is really in front of our faces if we open our eyes with our minds to see.

For my family, we are like a basic family. We are way more plugged in that we need to be. Since becoming aware of this issue, I have made gradual changes in all of our routines to reduce the amount of EMF exposure as well as neurological overtaking that electronic devices can have on our habits, actions and even emotions. My goal is to have very minimal use because, imagine this, we would be living life instead of being plugged into other’s digitally living their lives.

I feel that the connection and appreciation that we can have for the way life can simply exist must be recreated in each of our hearts. Electronics and other conviences such as fast food can easily overtake what used to be the normal way of living and connecting to others. Instead now, it is easier to text or Facetime while drinking whatever is convienent rather than actually meeting face to face for a good cup of joe. The more I have tried to unplug in my life, I have noticed I have found better and more meaningful engagements. I have found time to spend with others versus it getting lost throughout the day on an electronic device. It was also so easy for me being a busy mom, doctor, business owner, ecetera… to just plug in to either solve as many things I could online or disconnect from my busy life to just digitally escape. But neither was fulfilling. So I found what was. And I hope you do too!

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