Week 3: C for Collective Consciousness

This is a term that many people are aware of. It is more present in the quantum physics aspect of science as well as what some may label as the metaphysical aspect to some spiritual beliefs. Either way, it is a very powerful idea and for me, a truth. As I have grown in my connection to the Creator, I am aware of the oneness that we all are, that everything is. I am aware that adults that may be struggling in whatever human ways are really just children of God learning and growing spiritually along their own, unique personal journey. It is not mine to judge or interfere. It is there to trust and realize that I too am a part of that. I too have my own form of that gift or vice and they, just like me, need love no matter what.

I believe that we are all connected to that of nature. We have one consciousness with mother earth. As we eat her fruit and grains as well as the animal lives that are sacrificed for our nourishment, we need to offer gratitude as it becomes the very being that we are. Our cells grow, change and regenerate based on the fuel of food. That living thing that we were once alive and breathing with on earth is now part of who we are. It is the cycle of life thus proving once again that it is all connected. We are all one consciousness.

I like to look at religions in general. After growing up Catholic and through my own consciousness, I decided to see what God was to me versus what I felt forced to believe. I am very proud to say that my high school offered a “World Religion” class and I liked it so much that I wanted to further educate myself on what others in the world believed that I continued my studies along side pre-medicine in college. I didn’t want to learn so that I could explain how what I was taught was right or better. I didn’t want to learn to see if I believed more along what other’s believed so I could feel included. I wanted to learn so I could understand, but mostly so I could love. I wanted to love them for who they are and what they grew up learning. Who knows if what we grow up learning is good or bad? It is most likely a combination of both. However, people are people. I wouldn’t want to have love taken from me because of something I was taught to believe or something that I had no choice in. What I really found was a connectivity within humanity. Simply because we are human and yet through that humanity, spiritually we are all searching for the same thing. Love, peace, GOD! Some may express it through fear which is why we have turmoil in the world, however the core is still good. It is still God.

Another similarity I have seen in most religions is the following of a prophet. For Christians, it is Jesus Christ. They saw the works, miracles and teachings of Christ were worth following. They were worth sharing and making a message of. For Buddhists, the follow Siddhārtha Gautama. This religion dates back before the time of Jesus so how can they be wrong for not believing in something that didn’t even exist?! Just like with Christianity, they felt that his teachings, wisdom and works were worth following and sharing.

With other religions, they may share a similar philosophy. The overall principle of living with good code and morality. That may mean different things to different cultures, however the overall mindset is positivity and peace. That is what all humans want, to live happy and without suffering. That doesn’t sound too bad. Unfortunately, it is when we as humans think our way is the only way and that we are ultimately right over others. That is when we have wars, innocent people killed and families/lives torn apart. All over ego and feeling entitlement in what we think.

This is another place the one consciousness comes in. It takes someone to be aware and conscious of the preciousness of human life. The reality that love is the answer and that hatred can only stem more hatred. As Ghandi said, ” An eye for an eye and the world would be blind.” We cannot solve darkness with more darkness. The only solution is increasing the light. Increasing the love even if it is bit by bit. As darkness is merely the absence of light, even if in small increments, the world is becoming a brighter place through consciousness, awakening and awareness.

So no matter what religion, sex, skin color or culture… we can choose to connect to each other through love and this one consciousness. Or we can choose to not understand, remain ignorant to this gift and stay mad at the world thinking it owes us something. I choose to serve the world and in this choice, I have found peace, love and abundance beyond what I could have imagined for my life. Now, the only thing I care to do other than serve is connect to this collective consciousness as it all goes back to God.

God is my source. My source is God. I wish you a blessed week as I am honored you are part of me, as I am part of you!

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