Week 4: D for Determination

Determination is something that I didn’t completely understand when I was younger. I guess it was present in some ways in my life, but it was just innate. I didn’t have to think about being determined in order to achieve what I wanted. I just saw the end goal and went for it. Unrealized effort! I have noticed now as an adult, determination is something that is realized and we seek to have it in our lives. Maybe because as we grew up we learned procrastination so we had to assure the opposite. Either way, as an adult looking back, everything great that I ever achieved was through determination. It was through having a made up mind and anchoring that mind to which no one or nothing could change what I had predestined to accomplish. That is why I keep pushing forward and that is also why I choose to persevere.

As I grow older and hopefully wiser, I see it all from beginning to end. I see it for the journey that it is versus just the destination in sight. Even years ago I was like an eager child wanting everything I visualized to manifest directly in that moment and if it didn’t, I would become discouraged. I wanted to create a big practice overnight, heal everything in my life overnight and be everything I thought I should be in the blink of an eye. Over those years, what I really learned was that the journey of determination is very beautiful. It is what makes you own what you create and who you become. It is what allows you to look back on the hard times and smile knowing it was all for something versus nothing… and something versus nothing is exactly what happened. The effort alone creates the start to success however the follow through is what creates growth in success. I now see how I can still be determined yet enjoy the process. I can sit along the river of life and watch it flow versus feel the urge to paddle fast through it.

To me somethings that automatically comes with determination is discipline and commitment. They all seem to go hand in hand. When you are determined, you create discipline in life to accomplish those goals and you stay committed to them. Determination is a commitment as commitment and determination take discipline. It is really a triune of words that bounce off of each other yet have such similar aspects. The definition of determination in the context that it is being used in this article is that it is a firmness of purpose or resoluteness. When we have a made up mind, we are resolute. We are firm in our purpose. Even in reaching our goals, there may be things we need to do that we don’t want to. Maybe because we are tired, it is late at night, there isn’t enough time in the day… no matter what, being determined means not letting those things be excuses. There are no excuses!

This made me start thinking of where it really matters that we have determination in our life. For me, through determination, I have achieved my doctorates degree. I have become an educated mom that tries continually for my family’s health. I have educated myself on how to heal with cancer. I have written several articles & projects and am finishing a book. I see many other projects that I am determined to achieve in my life, however it is all meaningless unless it is done with the underlying purpose of making me a better person for others through it all. That is where determination is the most important! Are we determined to be better, more loving and nonjudgmental people?… OR are we more determined to just achieve? To have something to show off or pat ourselves on the back over?

Why we are determined and what we are determined over can show us a whole lot about ourselves and even how we can reprioritize. If we are determined to fulfill something that is more aligned with ego versus spirit, it is time to step back and reanalyze. What we think will bring fulfillment will in turn be empty and meaningless if done without consciousness and love. Anything done with love is going to be more of a success than without love. If the world was more determined to create harmony & co-existence than segregation & walls, what would the world really look like? What kind of a world would we be living in? We need to be determined to be better people! That is it. It is that simple. Aside from finding determination in achieving, find determination to be the best example of love that you can be.

Think about WHO you are determined to be and WHAT kind of person you want to be known for? Not WHAT you want to be known for, but what kind of person do people remember you as? Hopefully it is a giving, kind hearted person. Or someone that could always light up a room with laughter. Whatever that positive light is in you, be that. Exemplify more of that this week. Make that what you are determined to do. Be your true, authentic, unique self. Be determined to be LOVE.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
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