Week 7: G for Give

This is something that can completely change someone’s life around for the better, mostly for the one doing the giving. This is something that can bring someone out of a tragedy in their life. This is something that is just human to do.

“To Give, To Love, To Serve, To Do” That is the Lasting Purpose from my graduate school alma mater, Life University. Not only did I obtain my doctorate in chiropractic, I learned what is the most important in life. In anyone’s life. Giving is the first step. One could argue this being step one with valid reasons, however I am going to offer one of many perspectives of importance.

To Give. In giving, we can open the doors of love. And this I learned while going through what is hopefully the biggest tragedy and challenge of my life. When my second child, Sophia, was diagnosed with PNET brain cancer at the age of 2, I really learned what it meant to give. I gave her everything I had to try to help her heal and save her life. I gave her all the time I could, all of the research I could do when not at the hospital with her, all the healing foods I could and so much more. I was a hollow vessel for anything and everything she needed. Of course there were moments where I felt that I was about to break and I am sure moments where I did, however I gave with all I had.

At that time, I had another outlet to give as well. Aside from giving to my family, I was blessed to keep giving through chiropractic. At least once she got out of the hospital initially and before chemotherapy started, I had a small window where I could just give to set these people’s spirits free and reconnect their bodies to the greatness that they were created with. I continued to see people heal in their own ways and their life quality being restored. It was such a gift for them, but for me as well.

After my daughter transitioned to the light, I was beyond lost and hopeless with an older daughter, now only daughter to continue to raise but also to help heal. I had no clue what to do. I just remembered what Sid Williams, the founder of Life University, and other chiropractic mentors of mine would say in tragic times of their own lives, “Lose yourself in service.” I was no longer in a place to continue adjusting in Spain, where we were living at the time of Sophia’s diagnosis and passing. Now looking back, I see divine order at a time of such chaos in my life. I came back to the United States with Eva and started a new life. In time, I knew I was ready to dip my toe back in the water and start adjusting again. At first it was a few people here and there helping a friend out in her practice, but once I moved to Tennessee, that is when it all started to shift.

I moved to Tennessee unintentionally in ways. My dad’s medical doctors wanted to fuse his neck due to what they called “the worst case of bulging discs they had seen”. So we came to Tennessee to stay with my dad and adjust him. Once again, I was able to give as well as be with my dad after us both losing Sophia. While I was adjusting my dad, he told me about an Amish community about 30 minutes from where he lived. There was this amazing, renowned guy there that did iridology and helped people heal from all kinds of things. He thought going there and offering my services would be a good gesture. I agreed and we packed up 2 of my portable tables and activator adjusting tool and headed further into God’s country. As the weeks went by, I continued to adjust both my dad, the Amish community, a few neighbors and a few other families that learned about my services as a chiropractor. I would say I got up to 60-70 a week traveling between 3 counties and 2 states. In time, I set up an office in a small town with population 4,000 in the city and 20,000 in the county. I just wanted to give.

Aside from keeping me busy, the most important thing that it did for me was allow me to love again. It is near impossible to do what I do as a chiropractor, the way that I do it with intention & conviction, and not have your heart be filled with gratitude of others. I didn’t realize that then. I just wanted to give even though I felt I didn’t have much to give. They filled my cup back to full. That wasn’t a goal of mine or something I thought would happen. It just did and in many ways, it saved my life.

What giving really did was teach me to accept and give love again. To know it was safe and that light will always overcome darkness as darkness is merely the absence of light. Giving opened up my heart that I honestly wasn’t sure existed anymore after losing my child. I see so many of my friends from chiropractic school doing exactly what I did after they also lost a child. They are serving their way out of it and not losing faith. For me, I gained faith through it all after I lost it.

To this day, I continue to give from the state of Tennessee. I give to my family. I give through chiropractic. I give to my church and other organizations. I look for more ways to give and ways to leave something behind. Not for anyone to know my name, but for them to know giving is always the way. The way to connection. The way to love. The way towards healing. And the way to finding your true spirit.

This week… think of all the words that start with “G”. Many of them that come to my mind all go back to “give” in some way (generous, gift, guide, grace, god, good, great). See what you think as well and finding ways that you can give to those you love as well as those you may not. You could be the light in someone’s day as we all need someone to be for us on some days.

“Change the World, Change Yourself!”

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