Week 8: H for Healing

To the majority of people, healing is an event. A definitive moment in time that occurs when in reality, healing is a journey. All things in life are. To me, if we are aware we need and want to be healed in a particular way, then healing starts the moment we decide we want to heal. From there, it could be moments, years or maybe lifetimes. Either way, healing is rarely a miraculous moment when all symptoms disappear and complete function is restored. It can and has happened, however this isn’t the common everyday experience for most of us.

But what do you consider healing? Is it when all symptoms disappear and complete function is restored? Is it when wholeness and homeostasis is reached? Is it when we realize that we are on the end of the journey versus the beginning? It is definitely fair to say that healing can mean different things to different people. Healing can even mean different things to the same person. I don’t really feel that there is a wrong answer in healing unless it is a method that is harmful or dangerous, it doesn’t promote accountability in healing or allows one to be fooled that true healing has occurred.

When we think about healing, it is common sense to most that healing shouldn’t be harmful. Many wouldn’t want to admit it, but healing is up to each individual versus thinking someone else can do the work for us. And others sadly have learned that healing doesn’t come from removing an organ or taking a medication thinking it would all go away. That is what I mean by being fooled that healing has occurred.

As a primary health care provider in this country, it is my due diligence to express and educate on true healing. It never has, never can or never will come from an outside source. It is also something that takes time. If more than a moment has passed, so has time. Therefore, healing, too, takes time. Allow that time and be patient with the process. Healing is a very beautiful process. Even with the pain, sadness and hardships… I have learned to express radical gratitude for the journey that it is. I have offered thankfulness for the lessons at hand. Whether it be how to eat better, exercise my body better, meditate/pray better… whatever it is, it is beautiful journey. The journey can much more easily be recognized as beautiful when looked at from a very different perspective, when we are finally seeing results or feel we have found answers finally. Even in the beginning, I like to offer thanks for the healing is, has and will continue to occur in my life.

So where does healing come from? This is the million dollar question but is actually quite simple. It comes from inside of you. It comes from inside every living being. It’s called innate intelligence. It is what took 2 cells that can only be seen with a high power microscope and created the beginning of a nervous system called the neural tube. That then formed your brain & spinal cord allowing that as the master control for the body’s design and eventual function. Innate intelligence is what allows growth, regeneration, healing and harmony within you up and will until you cease to no longer occupy your bodily temple. It is this force and only this life force that can truly heal. Everything else is merely masking symptoms or not addressing the real aspect of dis-ease.

In chiropractic, we have something we call in short ADIO. It stands for Above, Down, Inside, Out. That is the way that innate intelligence flows. This is a chiropractic principle, however it is such because it is a principle of life. Thankfully, principled chiropractors look at universal laws that also govern our body and understand that these laws are a key component to healing and wholeness. A perfect example is gravity. Gravity effects us all and creates other universal laws that we are also governed by. Just like within physics and quantum mechanics.

One of mentors in chiropractic actually used the universal law of gravity and compared it with keys & chiropractic. He held up his keys and asked, “If I let go, what will happen?” Of course, everyone in the room responded, “They will drop/fall.” To which he asked, “How do you know?” Each time he did this, he always had the same reactions. “Because of gravity. It just is how it is.” the crowd would often reply. Sid would then smile and say, “Exactly. When you work with universal principles/forces, they are constant. They work overtime. Much like chiropractic. If I let go of these keys, I know they will drop. Just like if someone receives a chiropractic adjustment, they are reconnected to the life force within!”

It’s that simple for me in chiropractic. Reconnect and healing follows. Boom! LOL. But let me clarify… because of the crazy and toxic world we live in, healing usually isn’t an instantaneous moment. It is also something that needs to be supported by a continuous healthy lifestyle. And I often say that what is a healthy lifestyle could often change for someone throughout their lifetime as we are every changing from inside out.

For me personally, this has changed many times in my life as I have needed to heal from different things. I am currently going through this again in healing something I have dealt with now half of my life. I can honestly say as well that some of the things that I have needed to heal from and still do are emotional & spiritual things. I feel that those things have created the physical aspect to me needing healing. I also feel that environmental toxins that we cannot avoid play a huge part in clogging our bodies and our filters are overloaded. This then can create emotional & spiritual toxicity. It is a dog chasing it’s tail which is why it is even more crucial to honor our temples and treat our bodies with continued love, respect & proper food as fuel.

Is chiropractic the only way to heal? No! Of course not! But it is THE most direct way to connect the physical aspect of our being (body) to the spiritual (God). It is also scientifically the most direct way in reconnecting the master control center and seeing how the body functions properly when neurologically connected (healing mode) versus disconnected & chasing symptoms (crisis mode)… it makes the most sense for wholeness & prevention as well. So chiropractic is not the only way to heal, however expressing more innate intelligence is the ONLY way to heal. Thankfully for me as a chiropractor, we are the only primary health care providers that acknowledge this and use this in our model of healing and wellness.

Another way to go within in order to heal is through prayer & meditation. This too, is an way to access pure innate intelligence and healing potential. Because once again, like with chiropractic, it works from above down (God to Us) and inside out (from deep within our body to out). With prayer and meditation, it has been scientifically proven that we can shift wavelengths within our brain and vibrate on a higher level as a whole being than what we do without prayer & mediation. The point is… connecting to God. Finding the stillness and the silence within ourselves is where the healing lives. Chiropractic is the physical, direct way to address the disconnections within our bodies while prayer & mediation further addresses the disconnection within spirit. This is why I practice both and the more I practice prayer & mediation with other healthy habits… the more my practice grows, the more my family grows, the more enriched my life is!

The practice of prayer & mediation has allowed me to realize what matters most in my life and how I want to spend my time each day. For me, it is in deep prayer & meditation, in writing in my journal or finishing writing my book, reading motivational & uplifting books, doing yoga, cooking healing meals for my family, adjusting the masses, spending time with my family… this is what matters most. Now that I have learned this, this is what I do each day. I am now just working towards finding a better balance within it all and finding more time to be more centered in stillness & prayer throughout each day.

Now for you…. This week, find the ways that you are healing and have been healed in the past. The more I reflect on my own healing, I can see how it is a day to day process and I am becoming a better person with each day. That is what matters most in healing. Healing your heart and loving the person you are… as well as the person you are becoming. This week, also look at what you what todo each day. What is an ideal day for you in life? Now find a way to make that part of your life each day! It make take time… years even. But it is all a process of life, such like healing 😉

Have a blessed and healing week! Know that you are loved and you are worthy. Honor your temple and all healing follows!


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