Week 25: Y for Yourself

As per usual, I had an entirely different topic planned for this week. However, spirit and innate connect allowing something else to flow out. So here goes with “Y” is for “Yourself”…

I found this a very deep topic when I sat and meditated upon the word. Aside from the life changes I have had personally thinking about myself and what all resides within me, I had a beautiful realization about each and every one of us. At birth, aside from ourselves, we definitely have two other energies at our moment of birth. Our mother and God’s presence is watching over the entire blessed journey. We may have the father as well as some other loved ones present. Or even the hospital/birthing staff present as well… but no matter what, there is definitely the beautiful mother and the Holy Father. What a perfect & beautiful balance that is so easily overlooked! But it is so obvious.

At birth, we celebrate the coming of a glorious child. We celebrate the journey the mother has endured for 40+ weeks and we celebrate the new journey she is about to have. We celebrate fathers that hopefully, at that moment, they learn the true and ultimate purpose of life is life itself as they have a miniature version of themselves. But mostly we celebrate a new life! At your birth, we would celebrate YOU!


Another thing that is soon forgotten after the miraculous “spark of life” is our creation in the image of God. We are created in the likeness of perfection. We are created out of glory, love, and light. We are made of the embers of the earth and the stars that light the night sky with the moon. All of which are creations of God and how magnanimous! We are too. All of this resides within yourself!

Another thing that resides within and only within is the ability to change, heal & grow. We can have mentors, guides and guru’s… however real change, life long healing change is up to no one other than ourselves… or for the purpose of this blog… yourself! No matter how much someone may desire to help or love someone else, it is impossible for anyone to think that healing will come from an outside source or from another person. Even if someone like a chiropractor, Reiki Healer, acupuncturist or so on is a catalyst in the healing process… healing is always up to the individual. It is up to each of us. It is up to you.

This takes an extreme amount of accountability. It is so much easier to blame our problems on someone else, but whose problems are they? They are ours! Not someone else’s on the outside. They are within us so that is the only place where change can occur.  Just like the featured picture for this blog. When we point our finger at someone else, three others are pointing back to us reminding us not once, not twice, but three times the issue is within. 3c7b613e5568fc5a54e5a05f7a547644

If you really want something in life… you need to do it yourself! I have noticed in my own life and too often in others, we think that if someone else would just do something or be some way.. all will be good. If we buy that item or reach that monetary goal, we have arrived. That is an illusion and a lie to ourselves so we can negate total responsibility or so we can focus on materialistic ways of being instead of focusing on our true spiritual nature.

I used to be so insecure in ways of my life that even if I know I did nothing wrong or wasn’t even there when something happened, I somehow had a sense of self-blame. I found a way to turn this into a positive in my life by using it with accountability, not blame. When I started seeing life unfold and the ways I was involved, I would ask myself how that could have turned out different. Maybe with less stress for me or another person. Maybe that person would have still done what they did, but we could have played a better part. We could have been more aware. Maybe a better outcome, in general, was possible and I just wanted to be aware of the many possibilities. Seeing more possibilities can allow you to get off your high horse of being right all the time. It is amazing how what is one’s perspective & truth can be very different from someone else who just witnessed or experienced the same thing. I like to think of the phrase, “It is better to be kind (or happy) than right!”

On a positive side, I also felt that in seeing other possibilities, I opened the door for abundance in my life. If more things are possible than I can achieve more things as well! I can dream of more things and turn them into reality if I wanted. This is great when you think of the finger pointing again. It is reminding you that it is 3 times more up to you than anyone else. But that’s okay because we get 3 times the reward for our efforts.

Another place where we just need to do it ourselves is in healing. It is called self-healing for a reason. I can’t even tell you how much time I wasted thinking that even though I knew that healing comes from within me, I was waiting for some magical moment that would make it all click. “Poof” and it would be done! I kept thinking of my healing as a destination versus a journey. I was expecting it to be an event versus something that is occurring at every minute if I choose. I also recently learned that although we desire to heal, we may not be letting the healing in. We may be limiting it with our thoughts, fears or even stress. I am learning to be open to my own healing as I think guiding others towards healing overall I have a good grasp on.


The fear of not healing alone is limiting healing. It is a common thought so if you go there, you are not the odd one. It is easy to think of our limitations,  but I keep being reminded that I may have limitations, but the power that I was created with does not. The power that continues to run my nervous system and connect my spirit to the physical I call my body does not have limitations. It is boundless and vast. It is of all possibilities and potential. It is what runs through me and keeps me breathing. Just like you. How could we doubt this energy that keeps us alive for our better good?! This realization & acceptance is also up to you. It is within yourself!

This week, think of all of the power, perseverance, and healings that have occurred in your life. Healings may be in forms of physical, mental & spiritual. It can be from something like a basic cold or flu to cancer. It can be from addiction or even just feeling disconnected. If you are alive, you have healed and will continue to heal in some ways until the day you die. What have been the most impactful healings? Do you recognize where that power came from? With God’s grace, it was all you. And it will always be up to yourself. Even at the moment of our last breath, it will may not be in the presence of our mother & God, like at our birth, but there is still a guarantee in that sacred moment as well. It is you, yourself… and God, once again. Just at it was at the moment of conception. Just like throughout all of our lives and just like it will always be.

Have a blessed week and most importantly, remember to…




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