Week 26: Z for Zig-Zag

I was stumped on what I was going to write about this week. So I googled “Z” words and immediately when I saw “ZIGZAG”… I knew that was the message for this week and for the halfway point of 2019! Yes… yesterday people were reminding the rest of us on Facebook that it is 6 months till Christmas! Time flies and Christmas will be here before we know it. Until then, what is it that we zig-zag in life from? And what do we zig-zag in life for? And when is it good to zig-zag?!

The first two questions can kinda be the same thing in some accounts as I pondered this. So we will start there. Often we zig-zag life to meet our wants and are really zig-zagging from facing something. Not always, but zig-zagging mostly seems like a way to play with life versus living it with honor & integrity. Now I feel we are all guilty of it in our own version. That is why we are still human beings versus only spiritual beings separated from our bodies. But having the awareness that we do it and even catching ourselves in the act is a great way to either find a more direct route or choose a different path altogether. It is a great opportunity for reflection in asking ourselves, “Why am I pushing so hard and rearranging life to get this?”.

With life experience, I have found that times I have zig-zagged. I still do. When in this pattern of behavior, we waste so much time and energy. We interfered with the effortless that life can have and the perfect flow that is available to us if we choose to recognize it. And most importantly, be part of that flow. As I get older and more faithful, I understand more now than ever staying in life’s flow versus trying to zig-zag when things don’t go my way with ease. Really if we think about it, do we remember the things that come with ease? Not so much. We remember the things that we endured. The trying times and how we hopefully overcame. Now imagine if you could sit while watching a rain storm come in. Remain sitting as it blows through. Experience a possible peak of nature’s organized chaos, then watch it roll on out. The whole time, you didn’t zig-zag for dryness, cover or shelter from the wind. You experienced everything life had at that moment. You sat and trusted it. It was a bit messy and uncomfortable, but experiencing life is effortless compared to navigating it.

Zig-zagging in this way can not only take time but keeps us from learning a more direct route. For me, trusting in the process of life through my trust in God is my direct route. This kind of zig-zagging has been my uncoordinated dance around accountability and the direct route. When I recognized the areas I was doing this in my life, I let go and let God. I saw what I wanted to change in that area of my life, knew it was in peace and harmony if other’s were involved and offered gratitude for all that was being done already towards my higher desires. Then, each choice I make from that point, I try to make in accordance with achieving my life desire. I am human, so I stumble at times, but then I am somehow reminded I need to get back to my direct route.

Some areas in my life that I have zig-zagged like this is in relationships. More so than any,  when dating. I would fit a guy I liked into an image & desire of who I wanted him to be. Thankfully, I enjoyed them for who they were, what they liked and wasn’t necessarily trying to change them… but I would create an image that was so grand in my head that I wouldn’t see the red flags in front of me. I wouldn’t see that they weren’t into me like I was them. Or that I was tolerating things that I shouldn’t have to accept in a relationship (not that I am perfect by any means, but cheating & blatant disrespect are other things). Either way, not knowing and living my self-worth was the best way to start zig-zagging from what should have been done in the situation. It wasn’t the direct path I could have taken with the life lessons that anchor us & teach us to trust in divine order.

Now granted, through the zig-zags there were lessons learned and personal growth that was needed. I understand that the zig-zagged path was really perfect for me at that time. However, it doesn’t change the way that I can look back on a past experience now and see how it could have been so different as well as where my zig-zagging hurt me & most likely another person. Or at least enabled us both as well.

Now on the other side of this… when is okay to zig-zag? I don’t think it is up to us to choose to zig-zag per reasons mentioned already above. I think it is best utilized with what life throws at us because we need that experience. It could be possible that our linear route wasn’t as safe as we thought it may be or have the right people along that path. This is where many great stories of success and perseverance come from zig-zagging.

Since you are now more aware of zig-zagging in life, where are you going to find more direct paths? What is your source for finding peace in life, trusting in divine flow and knowing all is well? If you have that source, go there. Immerse yourself in it and keep that direct path. If you are not sure of your source, simply start by recognizing the effort that can be wasted trying to control every aspect of your life. Where can you let go? Where can you find a better, more direct path? Where can you stop zig-zagging and just enjoy the ride? And where are you okay with zigzags in the past?

Basically when God throws you on the zigzag path, its okay and great growth will be had if you stay present while along for the ride. However when we are creating zigzags to avoid what should be done, what is right and what keeps us in integrity… we are only compromising ourselves. So make sure that the main path you maintain in a linear fashion is with God. Then all other zigzags may just straighten out. If not, it is within God’s divine plan for you. Trust in it and in yourself!

I wish you all a beautiful week as we complete half of 2019! Many the second half be as blessed and abundant as the first! Much love to you all.

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